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Review: Decision Red Daze


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Decision Red Daze is an isometric survival game that is developed by FlyAnvil and published by Nordcurrent Labs, putting players in the role of a survivor who is trying to see the end of the next day without becoming a mutants next meal. The character art might seem a little strange since they look like little miniature toys but the game does a good job at getting the player encased in its game play loop. The biggest downfall of this is that the loop is extremely repetitive and might not hold everyone’s attention for more than a few hours

Story + Gameplay

Normally these two categories would be split into separate parts but the story for Decision Red Daze is pretty lackluster and barebones. The game centers around players trying to survive an event called “the Red Daze” which has left those infected with a serious case of violent cravings. These creatures seem to act just like zombies with a few minor variations here and there, such as the ability to fire guns.  It is up to the player to help secure a base for their small encampment so that humanity might have another chance to see another day.

Decision Red Daze plays in a top-down style that has players controlling a squad that can have multiple people for the player to cycle through incase someone happens to meet an untimely end. The game starts off with a very basic character creation screen. Personally, I would have loved to see a more in-depth system but since players will be cycling through characters and might lose some members along the way, it would only add to the frustration if it was a character players spent hours making. The strangest decision here though is the fact that players can’t even name the character they will be playing as but instead are given a list of names to pick from.  Besides visuals, players are also given some classes to chose from that will help provide extra support to their bases. I would recommend players choose the medic as the starting class so they can at least help keep themselves and other survivors along a little longer. Since Decision Red Daze allows players to recruit new members and form a squad, the initial class isn’t as condemning as other games would make it out to be.

Having to select from a list of names might be the most mutant part of this apocalyptic adventure but it may make sense given the fact that players may rotate through characters.

Once players are finished with making a character, the game begins. There are quests players are given to help improve the condition of the base and this is handed out by a character who acts as the tutorial. The game will guide players along the way as they learn how to recruit new characters and enhance their base.

As the base gets upgraded and time passes, there are nights where the mutants will attempt to raid the camp. This is indicated when a player goes to bed so that they can determine how many days and how much work is left until the next wave. While these defense sections aren’t too hard, I still managed to lose a few members of the camp so its important to be aware of what’s going on in the area.  

The biggest tip I would like to give new players is to ensure that you have a squad of at least 2-3 people before setting out on an adventure. My first character had the misfortune of experiencing an exploding barrel firsthand and since there was no one else in my squad, the game kind of ended there since there was no one to switch to. This could be a flaw in my understanding of the controls but after searching the menus for 10 minutes, there was nothing indicating that I could continue that save file.

The other issue that players might run into is the fact that characters run through stamina fast. A quick jog from camp to some survivors a few feet away can drain a character’s stamina gauge, forcing the player to return to camp and sleep. This drags out the gameplay loop and makes the cycle of repetition stand out even more.


Decision Red Daze is a game that might not seem much at first, but I found myself putting in more time than expected during my initial play through. While the gameplay loop is very simple and might leave players asking for more, it is easy to get caught up with trying to improve the base just a little more before that next wave hits.  The inability to name a character still baffles me though and did not leave a good first impression. While that might seem like a minor gripe, it is something that may bother some while others let it slide.


+ Fun gameplay loop
+Entertaining mechanics will keep players searching for ways to improve their camps - The story is a little on the basic side and might not hold players attention for long
- Players might find themselves unable to continue the game due to dying with out squad members

(Reviewed on PC)
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Review: Decision Red Daze+ Fun gameplay loop <br /> +Entertaining mechanics will keep players searching for ways to improve their camps - The story is a little on the basic side and might not hold players attention for long<br /> - Players might find themselves unable to continue the game due to dying with out squad members<br /> <br /> (Reviewed on PC)