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Review: Bugsnax


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Time to gear up for an awesome adventure through Snaxtooth Island, filled with delicious-looking bugs that are more than appealing, but tasty too! BugSnax is a captivating 3D-styled island adventure game, full of mysteries and new discoveries waiting to be revealed. The main goal is to discover the whereabouts of Elizabert Megafig. As we do so, we’ll find ourselves making friends with the other islanders as they are scattered all around, each providing separate tasks for us to complete. So with a little bit of free-roaming through the island of Snaxtooth, we’ll be searching for Elizabert and filling our friend’s bellies with Bugsnax.

The best part about the game Bugsnax, is that it’s not just a cute title but exactly what these bugs represent. Many of the tasks we need to fulfill in the game are to catch these delicious bugs, which look like cute food-shaped insects. So no worries, cause these bugs are all delectable and not at all gross! Especially as they come in the form of something fruity, savory, meaty, crunchy, salty, and even cinnamon sweet. There are a bunch of other flavorful bugs and each still does resemble the same appearance and movements of a real bug. So with about 100 species on the island, there are many to catch and so many to taste.

Graphics and Sound

I am impressed with the realistic 3D graphics, it really makes the game so much more appealing, and when looking at food like bugs; Bugsnax, it is hard not to wish you could capture them so you can take a bite! The colors of the sweetly designed characters are well-detailed to appear like real food. Capturing the textures and exact appearance of strawberries, cinnamon buns, sandwiches, pineapples, ribs, and other food shapes. This is also true about the game’s environmental design. Including, the night sky, plants, rocks, logs, buildings, flowers, and so many other objects and background scenes, they all appear so real.

Also, the camera scanning and photo-taking portion add a fun feature to the game. Like being a real explorer searching for new things and in this case new bugs to snack on. Plus, you can take as many photos as you like, from any viewpoint you’d like. Every control to use the camera is very easy, and the shots are simply clear that they look good each time. Plus explanations of each character after scanning and photo-taking are clearly explained.

Furthermore, It’s quite interesting to see how these fuzzy characters change when you feed them. It almost really makes sense, the food you eat is what you’ll look like. In this game that really appears to be true! The more food you feed each fuzzy character, the more similar to the food they ate, Bugsnax will appear on their body. It is strange, but something you’d not find in any other game.

Unfortunately, there is one issue I felt about the graphics that made the game not as great as it probably could be. To be exact, with the many actions that each character can make or do, they don’t seem too close to reality. Just a few examples would be the way they eat and interact with their surroundings. Not to say that it doesn’t present a clear picture of the food being eaten or that they are coming in contact with the objects, but it appears like it just either vanishes or nothing quite moves to show the reaction of things performing together. Regardless, I still feel that the game is still very nicely done, and beautifully appealing to the eyes.

For the sound effects, they are very cute and sound just as they should. From the water being walked through, bushes being shaken, and plenty of other things like the bugs roaming the island. Additionally, the voices are a bit interesting, like Pokemon catching these bugs and the sounds they make, relating to the food they represent. The main fuzzy characters also have this unique and strange attitude with their own personalities. No matter, it’s all a bit humorous and additionally adorable to the entire game. So to be honest, everything about the game’s music, sound effects, and beautifully bright graphics all scream out that this game is friendly and welcome for anyone to play.

Final Thoughts

Before playing this game, I honestly had no idea what to expect. Yet, after playing through, discovering the mysterious food-style bugs, decorating my characters, and touring the island, I found the game fully adorable and entertaining. The puzzles are really the tasks being requested by our new island friends, like Flibo the mayor, Wambus the farmer, Beffica the gossip, and many more.

Plus, the Bugsnax on the island doesn’t make you feel squeamish as they are more tasteful like real food than scary like real bugs. I think that is the main reason I love the game is just that! It doesn’t repulse me or make me want to rethink the food I love to eat. Bugsnax in general is cute and is one-of-a-kind, which I found myself enjoying! The game is fully engaging, fun to roam while fulfilling tasks, and provides plenty of interesting discoveries as the story unravels.

Lastly, I did find myself sitting back and playing this for a while, till I was able to solve the mystery of the missing Elizabert Megafig. It’s humorous, cute, and fully entertaining with many things one can do. I don’t feel that the game gets too redundant, even after a few hours of playing. The joy of finding something new that flys, crawls, and just looks appetizing is as exciting as discovering a new Pokemon, but instead of battling you get to eat them. So if it’s cute, fun, and a puzzling type of adventure game you’d love to try, then you might just want to play Bugsnax.


+ Beautiful, Realistic 3D Graphics
+ Variety of Bugsnax and Contraptions to Catch Them
+ Humerouns Character Personalities and Designing with Bugsnax

- Interactions Don't Appear So Real
- Difficult to Know How to Capture Many Bugsnax

(Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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+ Beautiful, Realistic 3D Graphics<br> + Variety of Bugsnax and Contraptions to Catch Them<br> + Humerouns Character Personalities and Designing with Bugsnax<br><br> - Interactions Don't Appear So Real<br> - Difficult to Know How to Capture Many Bugsnax<br><br> (Reviewed on the Nintendo Switch)Review: Bugsnax