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Review: Parkasauras


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I’m sure many of us imagined how much fun it would be to work at a zoo, especially when we were young. Getting to take care of some unique, original, and amazing animals of all types daily. Still, there is so much work required to maintain a zoo, like keeping it clean, paying employees on time, affording new attractions and supplies, and of course, catering to the animals. So even if it looks like fun do you think you have what it takes to be in charge and keep your zoo thriving? How about if that zoo was a park full of something other than animals, like prehistoric creatures?

If your answer to those questions were yes, then you might fall in love with Parkasauras, just like I have! It’s exactly as the title sounds, a dinosaur park that requires you to be the owner and build a park any way you feel fit. Though you must make sure to pay attention to the needs of the dinosaurs you’ve added to the park. Also, the needs of the guests entering and the workers. Since everything inside the park requires you to keep things thriving and functioning as they should.

Oh and don’t be fooled! This game might appear easy cause it’s so cute, but it is challenging as well. Especially, it’s a game that is educational, takes focus and concentration, requires being a bit swift at times, and is entertaining. Everyone will love the freedom to build the park as you feel fit, but also keep in mind that funds are needed to keep things growing and functioning correctly. Other than that, it’s one of those games that fully satisfying to play.

Graphics and Sound 🦖

The appearance of the game is mostly designed with plenty of colors. The entire background, objects, and character design are more on the cartoonish side, rather than realistic. It’s quite cute and gives the game an adorable look. Also, this means there is no need to worry about any frightful dinos to fear or be worried that they will devour your visitors. All in all, the visual appearance is just inviting for all who play the game and pleasant to look at, especially if the player is a big fan of cartoony-style games.

Additionally, every choice while building the park is easy to operate with the 3D design. It’s easy to accurately change, add or adjust a feature on the screen. Since the ground is designed as a grid, it’s easy to add a pathway, build large fences, and even fill in the exhibits with greenery, plants, water, and other terrain styles related to the dinosaur. It’s very easy to move around the screen, similar to a mouse rolling across a computer screen. The rotation of the camera and zooming far to close is a piece of cake as well.

Furthermore, the game plays quite smoothly including the movements of the dinosaurs and people in the park. They do look a little funny when it’s going through a fast-forward selection of speed in the game, but with the cartoon-style design, it sort of is cute. I did notice that there is a tad bit of colliding with the people fully walking through objects or slightly. I don’t know if it’s part of the cartoon appeal, but it is just a small issue that doesn’t take away from the enjoyment of the game.

Now for the background music and sound effects, they are perfect! Its musit tune is light and the sound effects provide a realistic effect to the noises that a crowd of people, dinosaurs, and other objects inside the park would make. Hence, the sounds in the game are a perfect fit and as bright and welcoming as the graphics appear.

Final Thoughts 🦕

This is an excellent game with such a delightful appearance! There are plenty of quests to enjoy, even a quick tutorial stage that really makes it easy to understand the game. What features I really found to be nice are the ability to speed up the day through fast-forwarding, the game tells you when the day is over, the ability to zoom in and out or rotate with a single button, and that everything is labeled. It all aids in making this game so much simpler to play and do things required at a faster rate. Also, when the game allows you to play freely; sandbox-mode, it is just awesome! You can continue to play and build a park as many times as you like, filling each exhibit with so many different types of dinosaurs.

Plus, Parkasaurus is a bit more forgiving than many tycoon games I’ve played. There is some time to get things together and not end up failing so easily. The only problem may be accurately placing workers at their buildings, but other than that, the game is very easy to organize and complete quests being requested in the campaign mode. The only challenging part of the game I can point out is when the park is larger and so much more is required from you, it gets difficult to keep up with the requests. However, with money always coming in, like in many tycoon games, everything will go so much easier. Especially when you can pay for more employees to help you take care of everything.

Just know, when you play don’t think about slowing down, the park will need you on your feet often. That is one key to success in this game. Yet, if you do need a break, just put everything on pause. On the other hand, if you get some free time, you can learn more about the dinosaurs in the game through the Dinopedia; a dino book. It’s a great way to learn more about what it takes to own and care for certain types.

Finally, I’d like to say that for a colorful, cartoon-style dinosaur park, this isn’t a bad game, not at all! It’s one of those tycoon games I’d play often, as it really is a great way to occupy one’s time and allow one to become a creative capitalist. It entertains the idea of making a fortune by constructing a dino park with pure freedom, plenty of fun quests, and dinosaurs to oversee. So if dinosaurs are your thing and you want to learn more about them, love being a leader in your own park, and enjoy making tons of money to spend, then Parkasaurus is the game to play.


+ Educational
+ Colorful, Cute, and Cartoony-Style Graphics
+ Plenty of Decorations and Dinosaurs to Add to the Game
+ Easy to Build and Learn to Use Each Feature

- Objects Go Through Each Other
- Hard to Accurately Place Worker on The Right Location

(Reviewed on Nintendo Switch)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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Review: Parkasauras+ Educational<br> + Colorful, Cute, and Cartoony-Style Graphics<br> + Plenty of Decorations and Dinosaurs to Add to the Game<br> + Easy to Build and Learn to Use Each Feature<br><br> - Objects Go Through Each Other<br> - Hard to Accurately Place Worker on The Right Location<br><br> (Reviewed on Nintendo Switch)