GamingReview: Bus Driver Simulator Countryside

Review: Bus Driver Simulator Countryside


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Have you ever wanted to not just ride inside a bus, but be the bus driver? In my own experience, I had in the past, I did think about driving a bus. Yet, I can’t get over the terrifying fear to drive a large bus with so many lives in my hand, all counting on me to safely bring them to their destinations. So I’m grateful there is a way to pretend to be a bus driver without all that pressure or fear, thanks to Bus Driver Simulator Countryside.

This game is an excellent way to be a great driver by using the tutorial stage to practice how to operate a bus correctly. Plus playing the game constantly, you only just get better at driving and doing the jobs being required to succeed. The buttons also are a piece of cake to work with, making it easy to control the bus. I honestly feel this game to be one of the easiest simulation-style driving games to play, without much time needed to learn how to work each function. Just makes it perfect for everyone.

Additionally, there are so many buses to choose from, which can be customized as you desire and many of the bus styles are related to the scenario; job, and locations you are stationed at. There is one valid observation about these buses, they all provide plenty of space for each passenger that enters or objects being delivered from one location to another. Even if some are a bit smaller in appearance from the outside, they all still can pack in plenty of people at one time. Plus if you use the camera and set it at a birdseye view, you can see all the beautiful sceneries at each visiting location you’ll travel through. That also includes daytime, nighttime, or just a change in the weather. Therefore, it might not be as scary to be a bus driver and possibly a bit more enjoyable, especially if it’s by playing this game!

Graphics 🚌

The visual appearance of each bus and the locations you’ll be traveling to and through are nicely designed. Yet, I feel it’s not as smooth when it comes to the digital appearance. It sort of gives me a pixelated or blurred impression. The grounds are barely raised and very similar to a flat surface with a slight texture, but more of just a color to match the weather or location it is trying to represent. I almost feel if it’s like a Playstation One game, how the graphics aren’t so crystal clear or very realistic, just a pretend to take on the real thing.

It’s not bad, in some way it reminds me of the first-ever game, The Sims I’ve played on the PS1 console. The people even appear just the same as in that game. They don’t appear to have that much difference from one another, many are the same person in the scene. So the game doesn’t really provide a large number of original passengers to be seen, just plenty of duplicates. This also goes for the buildings and objects in the game.

On a positive note, I do find that the driving portion and functions of the bus seem to move smoothly. Some of these really make for the bus to be a bit more realistic, like the lights turning on and off, the steering wheel moving when driving and the tires rotating when in motion, and the bus’s doors opening and closing as a real bus would. The bus isn’t the only thing that appears a bit more realistic. Even the passengers move like real people. However, if you get to see them on the bus, they may appear realistic. So great job on the graphics, but they also tend to collide with each other looking like a combined mess.

I do wish that there was more one can do with the customizing when it comes to the bus’s design. Adding color is fine, but it would be great to have a choice to give the buses a more edgy appearance or another few add-ons just for fun. The last issue is that the people, bus, and many objects could seem to vanish or go through other objects.

Sound 🚌

The music is soothing, like a bit of jazz and some extra upbeat tunes that can be played during the game. This is in the form of a radio, so it can be turned on or off. So it’s suitable and fits the travel feel of a bus ride, the music. I do find the sound effects to be perfect when it comes to the actions performed with the bus. Some include the sounds of each bus’s doors opening, the brakes, the windshield wipers, the lights, the bus’s engine starting, and a few more. Plus, I must comment on how nice the sound effects of the different weather changes are making it even more realistic.

I think, for the most part, the sounds in the game are perfect, except the music could be better. I just don’t like the be unable to hear what is going on in the game when the music is playing. Especially, during the tutorial stage when you want to know what actions you are doing is really taking effect. Then again changing the volume is a good thing to have! Even if they added the ability to choose a few different music stations by making it fit any player’s preference, that’s just me dreaming of what would be a nice addition.

Final Thoughts 🚌

I think being a bus driver would be interesting. I might not really want to be one in real life, but if ever being curious, this game provides that ability to drive so many buses and see if I have what it takes to get everyone safely to their destination. Furthermore, the entire driving around corners or just keeping the right speed seems very easy to do. I love that feature with the game, even more, that it changes how the bus drives when on different roads, like on dirt or when snow is on the ground.

The entire game is quite fun with plenty of tasks to accomplish, and many locations to visit! Plus, being able to make one’s own routes and the freedom to roam a little is quite nice. I feel the only two problems are that I wish some parts could be a bit clearer and more realistic, with some more customizing choices. Also, driving up hills or sloped locations can be very horrible. When you have no speed it is like slowly crawling to get to the leveled road to be able to move with speed again. Otherwise, the game isn’t too bad. Especially, if you loved the classic PS1 style graphics and don’t mind a limited amount of originality to the background visuals, the appearance of passengers, and the bus or objects around.

So if you are ready to be the bus driver, then it’s time to adjust those side mirrors, get the engine revved up, and start driving to the first bus stop. You don’t want to let the passengers down, they all have places to be and are counting on you to take them there.


+ Easy to Handle the Controls to Move and Work Each Function of the Bus
+ Customizable Routes
+ Plenty of Differently Designed Buses to Buy

- Graphics Visually Collide Together
- Music Slightly Overpowering Against the Sound Effects
- Duplicate and Limited Variety of Objects, Passengers, and Buildings

(Reviewed on Nintendo Switch)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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Review: Bus Driver Simulator Countryside+ Easy to Handle the Controls to Move and Work Each Function of the Bus <br> + Customizable Routes<br> + Plenty of Differently Designed Buses to Buy<br><br> - Graphics Visually Collide Together<br> - Music Slightly Overpowering Against the Sound Effects<br> - Duplicate and Limited Variety of Objects, Passengers, and Buildings<br><br> (Reviewed on Nintendo Switch)