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Review: Time Loader


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Are you ready for a new puzzle game that will keep your mind working harder to figure out problems of the past to prevent disasters in the future? As we play as the little hero, a toy-sized robot who must travel back in time to repair everything that may be problematic that will require a bit of planning to get from one location. Hopefully to repair the issue and have the future come out bright and disaster-free for our creator.

The entire game has plenty of obstacle-style puzzles to accomplish, keeping players busy gaming for hours. Even as cute and small as we may appear, we still are quite mighty and are provided with plenty of awesome weapons and tools to use. Everything must be done accurately or the consequences maybe not be all that great. Even as we get to listen to some 90s music, our main goal is to be a hero and prevent the future disaster that our creator had us travel back in time to fix. So the only question that would be fitting is to ask is if you have what it takes to prevent future disasters in this game, Time Loader?


The visual appearance of the game is rather nice! Each location has a beautifully built background of a normal size home. It also is filled with regular-sized items and objects, when traveling to the 90s there will be actual items like a classic Nintendo Gameboy, floppy disc-taking computers, an actual floppy disc, and a few more flashback items of the 90s. As the little robot, we appear similar to a toy in a room of large objects. The entire scene is correctly designed and provides a clear view of that effect. The game makes it quite easy to know which object or location may be accessible and useful during the game.

One aspect of the graphics, which I really adored is that the game didn’t skimp on the timing and realistic effects of the robot or any of the items brought to life. The most fantastic feeling occurs when you use the analog stick to move the robot. The wheels rolling on any surface during the game and the robot’s single-arm raising and being used to grab an object feels amazing! Just as if the player is the actual small robot in the game!

Plus, adding in those realistic visual effects, makes the entire movement and action being done or created while moving the robot feel so real. Especially how difficult it is to actually grab an object and use the controls to throw or do certain actions. I don’t know if I’m unhappy with the difficulty, as it feels a bit real and gets easier to figure out over time. There is one other issue and it’s the loading time. The game takes a bit of time to load from one section to the next. Even if it’s a bit slow, the new tasks during the game popup pretty well and it doesn’t seem to hinder any flaws.


The music is mediocre for a flashback to the 90s. It’s got a slight upbeat tune which can be an excellent sound to this slightly-adventurous puzzling game. However, the music is so weak in the volume department. Since I do like to listen to something with a bit more rhythm and beat when playing a puzzle game or any game, to be honest. Unfortunately, this game doesn’t provide such loud background music even having the music turned up as high as possible.

There are plenty of obstacles that occur in the same home throughout the game which is easy to hear a bit more of the music, but in other parts of the game it’s very low and light. I just think that it needs a small tweaking in the volume range to be a bit louder. This would make the game so much better if the music was as loud as the robotics voice. I’m glad I can say that the speech in the game is plenty helpful and able to be heard, but the music is even very light on the highest setting.

Final Thoughts

So are you looking to bring an original game, starring a robot as the little hero and tasks that need to be figured out to your daily gaming agenda? Well, this is one that will do just that! Providing such an assortment of obstacles that require planning and perfect timing to get you to move on to the next. It’s not super easy or too hard, maybe the only difficult portion is getting a hang of the robot’s control on the Nintendo Switch Lite. However, getting a handle on the controls and engaging in the challenging part is what makes this game quite amazing and entertaining!

Plus, for the outstanding puzzles that a small robot must be used to solve, it won’t be like any other game. I think that’s a bit part of why I love this game as well as it really puts the brain to work. Regardless, this is a wonderful game, with plenty of puzzles and beautiful background scenes and objects to marvel at while playing.


+ Excellent Background Graphics
+ Plenty of Obstacles and Tasks to Complete
+ Movement Feels Smooth And Real

- Background Music Doesn't Get Loud Enough
- Loading Takes A Bit Long
- Slight Difficulty To Get A Hang Of The Control Buttons

(Reviewed on Nintendo Switch Lite)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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Review: Time Loader+ Excellent Background Graphics<br> + Plenty of Obstacles and Tasks to Complete<br> + Movement Feels Smooth And Real<br><br> - Background Music Doesn't Get Loud Enough<br> - Loading Takes A Bit Long<br> - Slight Difficulty To Get A Hang Of The Control Buttons<br><br> (Reviewed on Nintendo Switch Lite)