GamingReview: Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition

Review: Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition


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Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition has been remastered and is still one of the top best JRPG games one can play! The story is what really makes this game amazing, it’s captivating and with the brilliantly enhanced, digital appearance the game plays and appears so much better. Even the sounds and music is perfectly balanced and it just makes the entire story come to life!

The game returns me back to the age of the original PlayStation, which had helped me fall in love with RPGs even more, especially JRPG games. A few examples are that of Dragoons and the remarkable Final Fantasy series. There are many more, but those really were my top faves. Even though the graphics back then weren’t as crystal clear or smooth as they are today, I still love to reminisce and play those games as much as I do love to play some pixelated games on a SNES console. Plus, all the unique and brilliant characters to play in this game make it entertaining to see what each can do and change it up each time playing.

The most exciting feature that I haven’t played for a while in more of the recent RPG-style games is that classic pull you into the battle effect. It really leaves you surprised with many or just a single enemy to battle. It’s always a surprise and there are so many unorthodox enemies to defeat. Each with its own unique abilities, which can put up a bigger challenge. However, I always learned to start defeating the easier enemies a bunch of times, till I level up sooner and can fight the harder ones with ease. So it was always a pleasure to fight the battle and not run from them, which aids in future battles.

Visual Graphics

I’ve tried the classic Chrono Cross for the Playstation in the past. However, this game has really been improved, especially for the Xbox One and recent consoles. It really brings a better experience! The action plays way smoother and has a more accurate design in the character’s art. The appearance of the game is brighter in color and is easier to depict everything on the screen without a hazy or faded blur. Honestly making it appear more appealing to anyone’s eyes as they watch what they are playing on the screen.

The action and all-over battle sequence is quite entertaining and has always been a wonderful aspect of the game. It’s improved so much that it’s a bit clearer and easy to see each attack performed or spell cast. However, the speed rate as it plays each action; the battle, movements during the actual game, and the video of the story going forward can still be a bit slower. It may make a new player feel as if the game is a bit slow or not such a high-rated contender in many recent RPG games. On the other hand, if it’s a player from the 90s that may be playing this game or a lover of Chrono Cross, well this game can bring back some excellent memories of the Playstation edition with the addition of a great amount of visual improvement!


The game isn’t only visually enhanced, but so is the sound and let me say that the overall music is nice and plays smoother as well. It’s a brilliant soundtrack that works well with each portion of the game. A bit more engaging when it needs to be, particularly during battles. While it also has a mystical and fantasy quality that really brings the game to life with every unique change or transition in the game.

Honestly, the music is just perfect! It complements the game perfectly and enhances the player’s gameplay. Adding that additional benefit of feeling the emotion to have the player connect with the story being told and what is being viewed on the screen. The same goes for the sound effects.

Enhanced Features

I really have to applaud the adjustments that come with the controls of the game. I really have to admit the ability to fast forward as a choice is a wonderful addition. I can speed through the long speeches and make the game move at a much faster pace as I play. So it ends up being my turn during the battles and even just in general, the movement around the game.

It has really made the slow parts go much faster, even if it makes for a strange effect. I actually don’t mind too much with the other features, not to say the graphics and sound aren’t excellent but the only really best part for a slow loading and moving game, with a long dialogue when it comes to the story is having the ability to fast forward.

However, there was one thing about the speed. It could be just the game or the additional speed effect with the new enhanced option. I found myself unluckily having to restart because of getting stuck with another character in a tight spot. No matter the moving to go a different way. I can find myself stuck that the only option is to restart from the last saved area or auto-saved location.

Thankful there is auto-save otherwise it would be so sad to restart after defeating so much and having to do everything over again. So there are a few ups and downs, but again it could be just the game itself. It would be wonderful if there was an additional rewind method to use to get back a few seconds from the location I’ve gotten stuck into.

Overall Opinion

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition has been an excellent experience! An improvement that really makes for even better gameplay. The best part of the remake is that it helps me remember why I loved Playstation and JRPG-style games. Even without the enhanced features, the game is great! On the other hand, I have no negative remarks to add about these additional features to the game. It really makes for more exhilarating gameplay!

No wonder why it’s a big hit, not just among old-time players who played the original game, but even newcomers who are going to play it for the first time. Unfortunately, there may be a few slow bits on how things move, but it still has that great story and is packed with action that any gamer, would really find appealing. Therefore, I found that this game will bring nothing but hours of entertainment, with 40 uniquely different characters to play and a story that unravels as you play and defeat enemies along the way. It’s definitely a game to have in one’s collection!


+ Better Quality in Music, Battle Features, Character Graphics
+ Players Choice Between Original Graphics or Updated
+ Auto Saving
+Fast Forward Effect to Speed Things Up

- Slow Loading
- Chances of Getting Stuck in Tight Areas, Requiring Reloading the Last Location Saved

(Reviewed on Xbox One)

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Review: Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition+ Better Quality in Music, Battle Features, Character Graphics <br> + Players Choice Between Original Graphics or Updated<br> + Auto Saving<br> +Fast Forward Effect to Speed Things Up<br><br> - Slow Loading<br> - Chances of Getting Stuck in Tight Areas, Requiring Reloading the Last Location Saved<br><br> (Reviewed on Xbox One) <br><br> Official Website:<br> Twitter: <br> Facebook:<br> Instagram:<br>