TechReview: ROCCAT Syn Buds Air

Review: ROCCAT Syn Buds Air


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Truly, wireless earbuds are in their technological infancy. They were first released in 2015 and were plagued by connectivity issues, poor sound, and terrible battery life. However, roll on 7 years and the technology has evolved vastly. Subsequently, there is an array of earbuds for all budgets and tastes. With many to choose from, you’d be excused for becoming confused. So, let me try to help you with the ROCCAT Syn Buds Air review.

ROCCAT was formed in 2006 and was brought out by Turtle Beach in 2019. Consequently, its audio accessories benefited from years of experience. Therefore, you can expect the ROCCAT Syn Buds Air to be a top-end product that offers market-leading quality.

Comfortable and stylish earbuds.
The earbuds are comfortable and stylish.

What’s in the box?

  • The packaging is simple, informative, and robust. It is emblazoned with the company logo and all the key selling points for the device. Inside, an eco-friendly approach has been taken with cardboard protective packaging.
  • The ROCCAT Syn Buds Air are housed in a sleek and stylish charging unit. The black design has ROCCAT etched into it and there are three white lights to highlight the battery status.
  • A USB C rubberised charging cable. The wire is regretfully short, but this isn’t too inconvenient. Luckily, the standard connection allows you to replace it with ease if necessary. 
  • A robust but easy-to-understand user manual. It highlights the fundamentals so you can get started with ease. 

What are the ROCCAT Syn Buds Air like?

I’ve had the joy of using wireless buds for their whole existence. Recently, I’ve been comfortable with my Google Pixel Buds A-Series. However, the ROCCAT Syn Buds Air blows these out of the water. Listening to the two side by side is like night and day. I was amazed by the crisp sound and the range of tones that the ROCCAT product offers. Moreover, these earbuds are more versatile and therefore are more suitable for an array of activities. 

Once you’ve synced each earbud to your chosen device, you are set for life. Subsequently, you can play on your PC, grab your Nintendo Switch and seamlessly continue your wireless experience. On top of this, they connect almost instantly to any Android or iOS device. Therefore, they make the perfect companion to alleviate boredom on long train/bus journeys.

Customise your headphones with the companion app.
An easy-to-use companion app.

Comfort with quality and style. 

With 3 high-quality silicone ear tips to pick, a lightweight and sleek design, and responsive touch controls, these are comfortable and well built. What’s more, it has an incredible 20-hour battery life (5 hours earbuds and 15 hours charging case). This makes the ROCCAT Syn Buds Air an extremely long-lasting addition to your audio devices.

Design and appearance aside for one moment, earbuds are all about sound quality. Luckily, these are incredible thanks to the precision-tuned 6mm drivers and 60 ms-low latency mode for gaming. Alongside this, there are built-in dual microphones to improve sound pickup and they work perfectly for in-game and party chat. Moreover, the 5.1 Bluetooth connectivity prevents issues and audio drops, as well as extended range, auto-connect, and improved battery life.

The user-friendly approach is continued for users of Android or iOS. Thanks to the specially designed companion app, you can guarantee that the firmware is always up to date. Furthermore, you can remap the touch-sensitive controls and adjust and create EQs. Consequently, this is the perfect tool to customise your earbuds to your liking. 

What are they like to wear?

Whenever I try new earbuds, I’m always concerned about weight and how well they’ll fit. Luckily, these are as close to perfect as can be. Thanks to the 3 different sized silicone tips, you’ll find them to be comfortable and snug. What’s more, the slender design and low weight ensure they won’t fall out of your ears. This is particularly important when using them for exercise. Having used them on a moderate 10-mile run, I can vouch for their ability to remain comfortably within your ears.

If you are a keen athlete, you are going to want your headphones to be durable and weatherproof. Fortunately, the ROCCAT Syn Buds Air has an IPX4 splash resistance rating. This makes them usable in most situations, but I wouldn’t try them in monsoon conditions.

The ROCCAT Syn Buds Air are great for gaming or exercise.
Choose your hobby and use one versatile audio solution.

Are the ROCCAT Syn Buds Air worth it? 

Many gamers will be stuck in their ways. They will only use traditional over the ear headphones, and that’s ok. However, if you want a truly versatile experience with exceptional sound and build quality, then look no further. The ROCCAT Syn Buds Air earbuds are phenomenal for the price (£89.99) and will amaze you with their range of tones and crystal clear sound. Subsequently, I recommend you buy them here


Audio technology has improved vastly over the years. Consequently, gamers are spoilt for choice and quality. However, if you want a truly versatile and wireless experience, then look no further than the ROCCAT Syn Buds Air. They are stylish, comfortable, durable, and robust while allowing you to game, listen to music, and chat with friends. What’s more, they are the perfect audio companion because of their excellent battery life, 5.1 Bluetooth connection, and IPX4 splash resistance rating. If you are in the market for new headphones, then I recommend you seriously consider these. 

(More information on ROCCAT can be found here.)

5 out of 5. Gold award!
Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
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