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Review: Agent Intercept


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The world is under threat from an evil and destructive group. Subsequently, a hero is required to step up and save the day. This clichéd plot could be the theme of many cheesy and outdated movies. However, Agent Intercept is the latest game to utilise this well-trodden, but entertaining, core concept.

Developed and published by PikPok, this is an OTT arcade spy title. With garish colours, fast-paced action, and mindless violence, it has all the right ingredients. However, much of the entertaining plot is ridiculous and unrealistic. Subsequently, it must be taken with a pinch of salt! Therefore, you’ll experience dangerous stunts, massive explosions, and many goons and minions en route. Consequently, it plays out like an 80s spy program and I loved its dated and silly approach.

Agent Intercept is brilliantly stupid. 

If you get Agent Intercept with the expectation of an in-depth and serious experience, you’ll be disappointed. Yet, if you want a fun and hectic racer full of missions and twists and turns, then this is for you. You are an elite member of the Agency, a top-secret organisation. Armed with the latest technology, you must protect the world from upcoming threats. CLAW is the latest superpower to hit your radar and you must stop them to save mankind. With your powerful Sceptre car, you must race across an array of landscapes, thwarting every plan that unfolds.

As you can see, it offers a familiar story with tried and tested mechanics. Yet, its characters and the array of weaponry make it stand out. The Sceptre is a transforming vehicle loaded with technology. It can race along roads, fly through the air, or float on water. What’s more, it’s armed with lasers, machine guns, missiles, and an emp. Subsequently, no enemy is too tough and no terrain will hold it back. It was amazing to decimate your foes as you whipped along the tarmac, battled rapids, or dodged mountains. Alongside this, you must contend with powerful foes, nuclear weapons, and satellites that shoot laser beams. The combination of these elements creates a brilliantly stupid affair that is moreish and tough to put down.

The Sceptre takes many forms, the jet is but one of them.
Soar through the sky and destroy Loki.

Arcade action at its core. 

The missions are fun and exciting, but they play second fiddle to the arcade mechanics. Yes, it was enjoyable to stop another CLAW goon, but completing each objective was more important. Therefore, you spend your time trying to obtain a high score, drifting, jumping, or killing CLAW operatives. Fortunately, none of the tasks was too challenging, so everything feels achievable.

As you race along in each environment, you must pick up tokens, weapons and boosts for the Sceptre. Furthermore, every action you complete adds to your score multiplier. Consequently, you must boost to drift corners, jump to collect points and destroy everything in your path. By doing so, you’ll rack up the points and complete many of the objectives.

As I said, it’s easy enough to do. However, if you want to simplify it further, there are tools available to reduce the difficulty. You can add health, boost power, speed, and so forth. Word of warning though, you can’t compete on the global leaderboard with assists activated. Therefore, you may wish to use them sparingly as you familiarise yourself with each stage.

Use your boost power to keep up.
Use your booster to keep up.

Agent Intercept is dated.

I enjoyed the silly plot and arcade mayhem. Yet, the graphics disappointed me. Unfortunately, Agent Intercept is blocky and dated to look at. As you race across each environment, the details are somewhat lacking and sparse. The developers could have created exciting stages that tested you throughout. However, instead, you experience the same action repeatedly. Luckily, though, the cinematic was much better than the gameplay imagery. These striking cutscenes were vivid, detailed, and appeared like a comic book. I adored the idea and wish PikPok had been more consistent with its approach.

The audio was equally disappointing, as it was all too familiar. Sadly, nothing wowed me, and other than the hammy acting, it was flat and forgettable. Yes, the soundtrack is full of energy and the sound effects are loud, but they weren’t unique. I was desperate for something fresh and new, but it never materialised. 

Agent Intercept demands you uncover all the intel.
So much intel and only one hero.

It’s easy to play. 

The aforementioned aids to the gameplay make this really easy to play. Yet, it’s simpler still as the vehicle is self-propelled. Therefore, you are responsible for steering, speed, shooting, and little else. Consequently, this may be too straightforward for some, but I enjoyed the laid back approach. The control system allows you to focus on collecting points and destroying goons. Furthermore, it works perfectly when taking on the additional modes. 

The extra content asks you to complete time trials, shooting games, and side missions. They are fun, challenging, and add another layer to the gameplay. What’s more, they increase both the replay value and longevity as you compete to top the global leaderboard or unlock intel. Alongside this, you’ll be tested by the large achievement list that makes you come back for more. 

Agent Intercept is silly but moreish. 

With OTT action, interesting characters, hectic missions, and plenty of side quests, this will keep you busy. However, this isn’t a game for serious gamers! Agent Intercept is silly, but moreish while being oddly competitive. Subsequently, I enjoyed it and I recommend you to buy it here! Can you stop CLAW while topping the leaderboard? Drift, shoot and jump your way to victory and a high score. 


Agent Intercept is a silly but moreish arcade title. Do you have what it takes to defeat CLAW? Control your all-powerful vehicle and overcome every obstacle in your path.

+ Dated but colourful graphics.
+ Easy to control.
+ Plenty of driver aids.
+ Lots of replay value.
+ Cheesy characters and plot.

- It may be too simple for some.
- The levels lack complexity.
- The audio isn't unique.

(Rating PEGI 7 Mild Violence Release date 30/03/2022 Price £16.99)

(Reviewed on the Xbox Series X. Also available on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.)

Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
My gaming career started on an Amiga and spans many consoles! Currently, I game using an MSI laptop and Xbox Series X. A fan of every genre, I love to give anything a go. Former editor and reviewer for, I'm loving my new home here at Movies Games and Tech. I can be contacted for gaming reviews on the following email:
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Review: Agent Intercept<p class="has-text-align-justify" style="font-size:14px"><em>Agent Intercept</em> is a silly but moreish arcade title. Do you have what it takes to defeat CLAW? Control your all-powerful vehicle and overcome every obstacle in your path.</p><br/> + Dated but colourful graphics.<br/> + Easy to control.<br/> + Plenty of driver aids.<br/> + Lots of replay value.<br/> + Cheesy characters and plot.<br/> <br/> - It may be too simple for some.<br/> - The levels lack complexity.<br/> - The audio isn't unique.<br/> <br/> <p class="has-text-align-center" style="font-size:10px">(<b>Rating</b> PEGI 7 Mild Violence <b>Release date</b> 30/03/2022 <b>Price</b> £16.99)</p><br/> <p class="has-text-align-center" style="font-size:10px">(Reviewed on the Xbox Series X. Also available on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.)<br/>