Tag:6.5 out of 10

Review: Kona

No all is as it seems!

Review: Alexio

Looks can be deceiving.

Review: Clid the Snail

The idea of an anthropomorphic animal as a protagonist and sending them into battle is a unique genre of games that surprisingly works—and it...

Review:《Drifting: Weight of Feathers》

Ever wondered what you would get if you crossed Spiderman and Bayonetta? Well, Drifting: Weight of Feathers is certainly a good start. Drifting: Weight of...

Review: Horatio Goes Snowboarding

You're cool, ice....cool.

Review: Twin Mirror

From the studio behind Life Is Strange and Vampyr comes another narrative-driven tale filled with twists and turns, but just how well does it...

Review: DEEEER Simulator

It's enDEEERing and hectic.

Review: 6Souls

Treasure hunting shouldn't be this strange.

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Review: PopSlinger

Get ready to travel back in time with PopSlinger. Where the music is motivating and it'll have you grooving to the beat as you...

Review: MouseCraft

Review: Chernobylite

Review: Aquamarine

Review: Windjammers 2