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Have you ever wanted to sit back and play a puzzling adventure game that provides plenty of levels varying in difficulty? Possibly one that will keep you eager to see what challenge awaits next, right after finishing the one before? Well then, Wunderling DX would be a wonderful game to try!

This is a game that is not only adorable in its graphical appearance but it provides a very cute story with a unique twist. We are actually the weak enemy and not the hero, Carrot Man. So to take the place as one of the enemies that Carrot Man is trying to defeat on his way to save Princess Pea is something new and interesting. Plus, with a neverending path of puzzling levels that range in difficulty, but since it continues one after another, the hardest part is putting the game down.

Entertaining and Hours of Nonstop Fun!

There are so many puzzles to play through and so many challenging-level designs. The obstacles that get in the way can range from pointy objects, locations you need to leap to, or even such things as bubbles that will make you go back to where you just came from. Regardless, it’s always a blast to discover the best route to get from beginning to end. Plus, a few hidden treasures to discover along the way as well.

In addition, to its entertaining gameplay, I really have only good things to say about Wunderling DX. Especially since its levels are well-designed and created to provide plenty more to do in the game than aiming from start to finish; a one-path puzzle. Plus there is a pleasant tune that plays in the background. Making not only the characters and the levels friendly and inviting to play, but the music is perfectly complementing the game as well!

One thing that may only appear to be a challenge is the levels, but when you really play a level or a few, there are much more to discover and difficulties that arise. This is where the brain will need to work a little harder and help you figure out a plan for the level. Most of the time, it needs to be done correctly the first time, as the only option to do what is needed is to find secrets hidden in each level. However, replaying the level over and over is another option.

On the other hand, another challenge that we must always be aware of is that our little enemy, the character we are playing as needs something to keep him thriving. Like a real plant, you can’t just play and think of living without obtaining fuel to keep moving. Therefore, even as a weak character, our little yellow heart needs to be fueled by collecting the little yellow objects we see along the path heading from entry to exit. They help us stay alive in the level, but if you venture a different path or have to catch up from a fall, it may cause us to start seeing that little heart slowly disappear, and finally causing us to die if we don’t fuel ourselves up constantly. This just gives the game an additional way to be defeated and another challenge to remember is a part of the game.

Oh yes, and the game does have one last fun feature I’d like to point out. Those little treasures we can find in certain levels are actually objects we can equip to personalize our character. Since as this yellow plant dude we might not have much to look at, even if we may appear cute already. However, those treasures we collect in the game can be added to our collection and be used as soon or later if desired. That’s just another reason to find every treasure in each level, that may be hidden.

There is only one negative problem I noticed during gameplay. I realized that sometimes the jump button wouldn’t allow me to leap as high as normal. It happens occasionally, causing the chances of winning at that time a bit difficult, and it leads to restarting the level. It would barely give me a full jump; the height of the jump is half the normal amount. Yet, after a restart or as the game continues it doesn’t continue with the same issue, just once in a while, it happens and is very uncontrollable when to know it will happen.

Lastly, after completing the game, I can tell that the game is very much entertaining to play and even play through the levels again to see if I can beat the time made from the recent time playing them. The game gives you a chance to earn a faster time by making it to the end sooner and faster. Therefore, the game continues to be fun to play, even after you completed a level or the entire game. Making it another challenge by being quick to beat your time or a friend’s and see who can do it faster.

Final Thoughts

There is nothing I would change about this game, it’s absolutely perfect! Maybe there is a little jumping issue, but the game itself is not something I wouldn’t mind restarting once in a while to play. Since it does bring that challenging gameplay with a cute and fun visual appeal. Perfect for sitting back, picking up the Nintendo Switch console, and enjoying some fun puzzling levels without difficulty learning how to play. Everything is very clear and easy to understand, possibly why there is no tutorial stage.

Plus, the levels aren’t super long, but come with a bit of difficulty and need you as the player to discover the clear path through. No matter who plays this game, it will always provide the player with so much more entertaining and hard to put down levels that continue one after another. Wunderling DX is just an awesome adventurous puzzle game with so many items to collect, and challenging fun levels to play through!


+ Excellent Graphics and Music
+ Adorable Story with Cute Hero and Villians
+ Plenty of Puzzles and Challenges
+ Easy to Play and Nonstop Entertainment

-Minor Issue with Jumping at a Regular Leap

(Reviewed on Nintendo Switch Lite)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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Wunderling DX+ Excellent Graphics and Music<br> + Adorable Story with Cute Hero and Villians<br> + Plenty of Puzzles and Challenges<br> + Easy to Play and Nonstop Entertainment<br><br> -Minor Issue with Jumping at a Regular Leap<br><br> (Reviewed on Nintendo Switch Lite)