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Review: Will You Snail


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One thing to remember when you play this game, is you don’t need to be ashamed to be a snail! As you’ll have so much power and strength, you can never call yourself slow or in any way weak. Will You Snail is quite a pun on the question of whether you’ll fail. No matter the title, in this game failing doesn’t appear to be an option. Instead, it’s so much easier to leap, move, and attack like you are a turbo-charged snail packed with a fully installed engine inside your shell.

The thing about this game is that there isn’t any chance for you to be slow, even if you are the hero character of the game; a snail. It’s true that you’d think a snail won’t be in any form or way superior, but in this game, you can go above and beyond with all the firepower, strength, and mobility as any platform game character you’d normally play as, maybe even better! Especially, taking into consideration the brilliantly bright, neon-style colors entertaining you through each level and plenty of challenges and obstacles.

Puzzling, Challenging and So Action Packed!

For me, this game has nothing to do with being bored or losing interest. As the entire game is fast-paced and will continuously have you moving, shooting, and figuring out unique puzzles as they appear on each level or stage. The brain and the two hands you have on the controller will be always working, as you avoid so many different enemies and obstacles heading your way. Even the graphics may confuse or blind you from what is happening as you play.

The bosses you come across are tough, large, and take time to defeat. However, they will go down if you play the level just right! Getting it just right, each pattern is all it takes to accomplish the levels! Each part of the game is a puzzle and figuring out the way to attack is just part of it. I love the challenges and the many unique obstacles to battle through. It really does hold one’s attention. Just as with the many levels to play, you will be focused too much on the game than anything else, like if you’re being hypnotized.

Additionally, the AI robotic voice and face that pushes you to play the game and survive his entire ability to control the levels, makes it even more interesting. It’s funny, with his little pressure-pushing techniques and also the way he adjusts the difficulty from all sorts of easy. There isn’t just one type, it’s all in the form of easy, but the original easy is the most difficult, while the lowest one you can choose will cause it to be slower and less difficult. Yet it doesn’t stop the AI to adjust when he thinks you’re moving through quite easily and feels you need a challenge. However, adjust it back, that’s all it takes.

It’s even amazing how entertaining this graphics of the game really is, even if you are not the one playing. Just by watching it can be very hard to lose interest. Furthermore, the entire gameplay is very easy to figure out, no matter who picks up the controller. It’s actually perfect for all types of gamers as there is a variety of simple or challenging levels to figure out. Plus, the unique levels are quite puzzling to the mind, all include a pattern and something that might be fun to have another to play along with.

Either way, the controls of the game are simple. Just leaping, moving any which way and even self-destruction is a great way to restart and just a fun site. Oh and for a bonus achievement, self-destruct 100 times will get you one! However, it’s also a great way to restart the level if needed. Plus, it reminds me of fireworks or some exciting to view when you self-destruct with all those lights.

I can honestly say, from the first time I turned it on and a few times after. I found this game to be hard to turn off! It’s just a perfect blend of so many genres I love. Plus, with a game that plays great from start to finish, it’s really hard to find a negative aspect. You can even replay the levels at a different difficulty if you tried it at the simplest, why not push it up a bit more to the next difficulty option up next. At least, if you ever do get stumped on any level or stage in this game you can easily choose to play the easiest option and not be frustrated for too long.

Final Thoughts

No matter if you are one of the slowest animals in the world, it’s impossible to consider you weak or helpless. This game may not be influenced by the actual snail’s reputation or any creature that moves slow, can’t jump or leap so high, and that of practically any animal unless they actually hide weapons we never known of. Nevertheless, being a part of the gastropod family, you are just a character designed to be totally superior and awesome!

Therefore, it’s my pleasure to say that this game is incredible! The music, graphics, and the nonstop shooting when obtaining a special weapon style object to get you blasting objects, as well as challenges in every level or stage, are like a thrill that won’t have you stopping anytime soon! It’s one of the best games, for those who love continuous action throughout the game, where there is no time for stopping or taking a break. Each puzzle is trickier and many as original and unique as the last! So if you want to travel into a world of geometrical and neon-colored graphics, the brain is always on figuring out the puzzles in each location you enter, attacking enemies that are large in size, and enjoying the motivating music playing in the background. Then step on up and give your hands and mind a chance to try this exhilarating game, as it will keep you entertained for hours.


+ Bright Neon and Geometrical Style Graphics
+ Motivating Sounds
+ A Blend of Simple and Challenging Puzzles
+ Funny AI Pressure Put onto the Player + Excellently Designed Levels, each Original from the Last

(Reviewed on Xbox One)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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+ Bright Neon and Geometrical Style Graphics<br> + Motivating Sounds<br> + A Blend of Simple and Challenging Puzzles<br> + Funny AI Pressure Put onto the Player + Excellently Designed Levels, each Original from the Last<br><br> (Reviewed on Xbox One)Review: Will You Snail