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Review: CurBot Portable Curtain Robot


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Here is our review of the Review: CurBot Portable Curtain Robot.

Tired of wasting time opening and closing curtains? Hate the feeling of being woken up by an alarm clock? Installing smart curtain devices seems to be an excellent choice. But the time and cost of installing traditional curtain motors are too high. CurBot is here to help you out! 

CurBot is an advanced smart home device that can turn any old-fashioned curtains into a fully automatic curtain system based on IoT technology. With CurBot, you don’t need any installation tools or skills, it can be set up in seconds, and it fits most types of curtain rails and rods.

A Closer Look

Setting it up

After you have charged the CurBot, its time to set it up. Download the Smart Life App and follow the instructions to add the CurBot.

You can then control the CurBot from the app.

Then just fit the CurBot onto your curtain rail.

Final Thoughts

Each CurBot comes with Rod, U Rail and I Rail attachments, and each one is different. There are also space grey, moon silver and pink versions of the CurBot so make sure to get the one that fits in best for you.

Fitting the CurBot was very simple – it took less than a minute. Everything you need is included in the box for your type of curtains. Just download the app and follow the instructions. These are really simple and only take a few minutes, then you are ready to use it.

There are different ways of having the device open your curtains – you can use the app to move it left or right, use the app to fully open or close the curtains, set up a schedule so that at certain times of the day and it can even open when it detects sunlight. There are so many options for you to choose from, however you want to use it, it will be easy. There is also a remote included if you don’t want to use the app.

The fully charged battery lasts for around 12 months depending the number of times per day it’s used – we haven’t tested this obviously but the app will show you how much battery you have left.

The CurBot is a great gadget for opening and closing your curtains without the need for doing it yourself. Sometimes at the end of a long day, or first thing in the morning, who wants to be bothered doing that – well now you can have it done for you.

And because CurBot is portable you can take it with you when you go away so that you have the same easy time.

The CurBot is available to order now on Kickstarter – the prices vary depending on what pack you want so take a look.

You can learn more from the CurBot website.

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