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Review: Farm Manager 2022


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Any Gamers out there who love and enjoy the farming lifestyle, but also would like full control of every part of the farm? Then Farm Manager 2022 is an excellent game to play! It takes the ordinary farming life up a notch by letting you work at a higher position in the game, and one thing you won’t have to deal with is being the worker doing all those chores. Instead, you will be the leader and to be more exact the boss. Everything that goes on the farm is all up to you, as you are the decision-maker in this realistic farming game.

That’s right, you’ll not be a traditional farmer who takes care of the chores like taking care of the farm animals, keeping up with constantly checking and prepping for new crops to grow, adding new buildings, new employees and so much more. All this rather than a regular farmer job like many farming games. It takes you a step higher where you’re in charge and really gets the true feel of how it is to be a farm manager for real!

How will it Feel to be a Farm Manager?

First off, I’d like to say that sometimes I can tell right from the beginning how good the game will be. Especially for a simulator, just by the game’s graphics, how well the character’s design has been done, and what personal features you may have control over. Specifically, the way they react and utilize everything on the game; realistic animation. One last thing I factor in is that if it includes, which by the way is a big part of the game and how fun it may be for me to play, is understanding the mapping on the controller.

I always love simulator games when it’s easier to know how to move the player, interact with objects other people, animals, or many other features required to know to play the game. In this case, it’s knowing just how to access and add new things to the farm as well as keep an eye on the workers. It’s a bit trickier, I won’t lie. However, a farm manager needs you to work from above and make sure to take care of tasks like buying, selling, and making sure to keep checking on everything. So in some way, it feels like a tycoon-style game and it is really a good idea to take the tutorial stage as it’s super helpful and if you are still a bit lost, take it again and again. Just till you get an idea on how to play.

Consequently, I will tell you my honest feeling about my first time playing and the many other experiences that I’ve felt while playing the game. To clarify one thing, I’m still playing this game as it’s not a short game and can go on forever. Especially from the different modes like the campaign, scenario, or the free mode. They all give the player like myself, a chance to build and change up each gameplay. So let me tell you about the results of my gameplay, which isn’t all great, but there are plenty of positive features, especially the design of the game and its challenges.

Short Example of Farm Manager 2022 Campaign in action

To start, this game had me a bit on edge it would be too difficult to control or know how to play the game correctly, but honestly it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Yes, it’s challenging at the beginning, yet it got easier after the tutorial stage, by it teaching me how to manage and utilize each component in the game as a farming manager. Especially, when you finally have plenty of things on the farm going at once. It really isn’t a simple walk in the park! So for those not too experienced with simulator games that feel as close to reality, it may take time to do certain jobs, and work with the mapped-out controller’s buttons.

A few assignments as the manager which can get tricky to keep tabs on is not just a few, but many of things like taking care of the many employees you hired and assigned as well as have to pay, keeping an eye on the animals you have on the farm, adding more buildings, the change of the weather, planting crops and making sure they are cared for daily, building a fund to use by selling, and the main goal, keeping everything from becoming a disaster and just run smoothly. Even I felt as a manager, it must be so much easier to just watch over others, but then reality hits and I realized it can be still just as difficult as an employee or a single farmer.

Now a few other things that I do feel were great with this game are the graphics, the music, the weather being so realistic in its ability to change from sunny to rainy, and one great love for the speed adjustment button. The speed adjustment will allow you to go from pause to normal speed, faster and feastest. So if one has to wait for something to be delivered, a building to be built, and even having crops grow, this button really speeds things up and allows you to get to the gameplay way sooner. Even the target goals you want to accomplish quicker.

Nevertheless, it all couldn’t be just as wonderful, there are a few parts that the game made me feel curious about why it was done a certain way or missing something to make it perfect. So here I go! There are a few slight problems I came across, not as many issues that will make anyone not want to play the game. Since they are mainly my own thoughts I felt about the game, just as what is missing or had been a bit difficult to play the game easily.

First off, the words on the screen tend to be a bit smaller than expected. I had to do a bit of squinting to read the TV screen. However, it could be that my TV is smaller than many may have and it also could be because the text is a bit long, and would be hard to fit it all on the screen without covering up the game in the background. I also had to move closer to the TV or skip some of the text to get a move on playing the game.

Also, I did feel a little curious why the group of employees the creators of the game only made them one race. There are females and males, but none of them are different in ethnic groups. They all are just white men and women. Is this to depict that farmers can’t be from any other culture or ethnic background? I doubt that, but the game really seems to make that a bit unfair to see other types in the employee choosing department.

To Sum it All Up

There is so much you can do in this game. It’s very well designed and the graphics are outstanding as well as the disasters and reality of how things move, and the workers work. I love when a game is so realistic in appearance and feels like the real thing, verse ones that are too easy or feel a bit like it’s in a beta stage of completion. Thankfully this game is perfect and one I’d honestly be playing on a daily basis!

Lastly, before I conclude this review. I did have that question, which I asked above about any gamer who loves the farm lifestyle. Well if this was a yes and you feel you have what it takes to be a manager, then this is the game for you! It won’t let you down, especially since Farm Manager 2022 has more than just the traditional barnyard animals or farming styles that many other games may not include. Such as having fun by adding fish, ostriches, or even many other animals to your farm. This game won’t just be challenging fun, but feel like a real-lifestyle manager job.


+ Plenty of Unique and Orignal Farms can be Built and Created
+ Many More Unique Animals and Crops to Add
+ Many Different Modes
+ Excellent Quality in the Graphics and Animation is so Realistic
+ Able to Change the Speed Through Operations as well as Put Things on Pause

- Text Could Be a Bit Bigger

(Reviewed on Xbox One)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.
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Review: Farm Manager 2022+ Plenty of Unique and Orignal Farms can be Built and Created<br> + Many More Unique Animals and Crops to Add<br> + Many Different Modes<br> + Excellent Quality in the Graphics and Animation is so Realistic<br> + Able to Change the Speed Through Operations as well as Put Things on Pause<br><br> - Text Could Be a Bit Bigger<br><br> (Reviewed on Xbox One)