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News: Crunching Koalas


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The last two years of the Covid-19 pandemic have brought the world to its knees. Families have lost loved ones, and people have witnessed the best and the worse from their neighbours. However, as the dust settles on this chapter of our history, we see another devastating one begin. Russia has invaded Ukraine and, by doing so, has opened the door to a global event that has grim ramifications for every human on our planet. As the world watches on, we all feel powerless to help. Yet, Polish developers Crunching Koalas are making a stand!

The Warsaw-based company has close links to 11 bit Studios, another Polish firm that is behind the globally renowned anti-war title This War of Mine. Yesterday, 11 bit Studios announced they would donate all their profits from the sale of This War of Mine and its DLC for the next 7 days to a special fund. Today, Crunching Koalas has matched this pledge in support of their colleagues and all money raised from these games will go directly to the Ukrainian Red Cross.

Both companies hope that every game studio will show their support and follow their example. Every penny raised from the games on this list will help the victims of those affected by the armed conflict. Tweet Link.

Crunching Koalas pledge donation on Twitter
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