GamingReview: Draw a Stickman: EPIC

Review: Draw a Stickman: EPIC


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Maybe you have some time in your day, possibly feeling a bit bored at a meeting, school, or just need time to release your inner creativity by doodling? Well check out this game, Draw a Stickman: EPIC. It’s a game that is so simple to play while being pleasantly enjoyable, and on top of that, all you need to do to play this game is bring your ability to be creative. By the way, there is no requirement to be a perfectionist!

Additionally, Draw a Stickman is much more than just a drawing game, but instead it’s one that ties in some puzzling obstacles, roleplaying action, and of course, the freedom to draw and name your own character, a friend, and even doodle objects or items whenever you want. That was what had charmed me about this game and why I’ve fallen in love with playing it. I’m just free to create as much as I like, anywhere I want.

For example, I made a cat as my stickman character in this game and it still plays quite well. Plus, with a little more humor, Bob which I left the name that is given as a choice, but can be changed, well I made it a ball of orange yarn. Now how fun and free is that, when you don’t need to be a human or a real stick-person while playing this game.

The possibilities are endless within this game, and the ability to be creative and original is a fun factor, especially for myself. Plus, I found that it works great with the controls on the handheld console, Nintendo Switch Lite, and even if used on the original Nintendo Switch. Plus, while the player gets further into the game, you are now obtaining a few new features, pencils to draw with as well as learn how to use, and colors to design and create as much as you’d like. It just gets better and allows for more reasons to doodle with additional gains that make the game even better!

The Adventure Begins!

It’s a fun game that has plenty of levels to explore. Plus, being such a relaxing game, nothing about being a perfect player or losing lives, time, or anything. You don’t need to be a gamer to enjoy this game. It’s very well explained, has simple controls, and is just adorable in total. Additionally, with so many levels to discover new pencils and allow you to obtain new skills. These help you draw and design something new, which form into a creation that could be making a cloud that causes lighting or just rain. Even if you want to learn to draw fire, that is there too. Plus much more!

What I do enjoy is that each level in this book is a world of imaginative play. It’s not all the same redundant gameplay and won’t get boring from what you can do. In fact, you can grow some veggies within a garden, by creating a rain cloud above them. Watching them grow as you see it come to life! The same goes for starting a flame to burn dynamite, trees, and even slaying the enemy. Oh and a few more like even with bad doodling you can just draw a squiggle and make a key, armor to protect you better, or even use an ax to cut down trees. Plus, they all become animated while you press the button to activate the creation and location you doodled it at, come to life.

There is one truth with all the things you can do within this game and I’ve just told you a few that occur at the very start, but there is plenty further inside this game. The problem that might cause you to take a true and critical hit, causing your character; doodled character to be destroyed and need a restart is if it’s in drawing mode and you accidentally doodle a weapon-style design near you. For example, lightning or fire doesn’t really pan out great when it’s next to you or going to cause something to affect a large area around you.

So the planning portion of the game is a little bit of a requirement. Despite this and as I said before, The game is all about fun and enjoyment. So even if it makes you restart the level, you can love to learn and take on the challenge to plan accordingly and still watch other things take the effect of what you create. Oh yes, that doesn’t end the pain. Imagine the problems you can even get with the enemies in the game. Many are cute little characters like animals that aren’t all kind and friendly. So being ready to take action with your pencil, is a must, and again planning correctly will be the key to success so you don’t hurt yourself, but defeat the enemies only.

Two main issues I came upon is that how fast our character may die could be an issue or not to some players. However, it’s so easy to get hurt and be killed without much damage, just one hit at most times. This can be not that pleasing, but then again it doesn’t really take much energy to return back to where you left off. Perhaps, this just adds a bit of a challenge to the game, making it harder and a bit more necessary to think things through before continuing. Plus, it also makes sense that a stickman or character you want to doodle can easily be hurt and die since nothing much to the design of our figure, or any shield to protect us.

The second one is that there are a few issues where the stickman character we designed won’t move freely. This little guy, girl, animal, or anything you’ve doodled up seems to have one issue in some parts of the world. The character seems to get stuck and not move as freely as it should. Like it gets stuck in one location and hard to budge for a few seconds, not even if there is anything in front of you to be blocked. So that happens sometimes and is a bit of an issue. Otherwise, it won’t mean the game is frozen, and no need to restart the game anytime, just being a few seconds of lagging in gameplay before continuing the game.

Therefore, what else can I say? The game’s epic journey is full of monsters; enemies that want to cause harm and stop you from obtaining or achieving your goals. Just like collecting pieces and finding Bob or whomever you like to call your friend. Plus, there are plenty of chances to doodle, while visiting many worlds in this storybook. So much to see and not much to worry about as it’s got no need to be an artist or have a good stylus, as the handheld or controller will work fine. I think that is one other feature I do enjoy about this game, easy controls to play the game and not necessary to have a stylus to doodle.

Final Thoughts

The game is quite entertaining and can be humorous how some may look at it. Especially, when played in a freestyle mode, burning things that don’t really need to be burnt or just anything you want to do. However, it can even just be played straight through. Collecting puzzle pieces, getting to obtain all these new colors, learning new things to draw without them being anything but squiggle lines if you want, and of course, the joy of being a hero of your own making.

There really aren’t many negative aspects to this simple, short game. It’s fun to play as close to a simulated-style game, doing as you like. There is no wrong or right, just humorous fun, and creative play! So I think the only thing that the game has me feeling is the need for more! It’s clearly a simple and a great game, and reminds me of a few well-designed games that required doodling; Scribblenauts or Drawn to Life. Despite the simplicity of the graphics and lackluster colors or character design, I’m just hooked to the charm of the freedom on how you play, I just can’t wait for another book to open and a new epic journey to begin!


+ Simple Imaginitive Worldy Doodle Graphics
+ Animated Effects From Any Good Or Bad Squiggle Lines You Create
+ Freedom To Name, Design, and Create Throughout the Game
+ Easy Controls which a Stylus Isn't Really Required or Necessary

- Short Game
- Lacking Color and Exciting Graphics
- Movement Gets Stuck Once In Awhile
- Easily Defeated with a Single or Few Hits, Even By Your Own Doodling

(Reviewed on Nintendo Switch Lite)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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Review: Draw a Stickman: EPIC+ Simple Imaginitive Worldy Doodle Graphics<br> + Animated Effects From Any Good Or Bad Squiggle Lines You Create<br> + Freedom To Name, Design, and Create Throughout the Game<br> + Easy Controls which a Stylus Isn't Really Required or Necessary<br><br> - Short Game<br> - Lacking Color and Exciting Graphics<br> - Movement Gets Stuck Once In Awhile<br> - Easily Defeated with a Single or Few Hits, Even By Your Own Doodling<br><br> (Reviewed on Nintendo Switch Lite)