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Review: B.ARK


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If you’re looking to enjoy a good cartoon, shoot’em up style game, and one that involves pets that team up to save the day, this is one you should try! Team B.ARK is an excellent game that will have your right hand’s finger on the trigger button or dashing to avoid attacks, while the left is constantly rotating the analog controller stick. Let’s just say, there won’t be any opportunity to take a break with this fast pace, keep on moving style game.

What you can expect, is a group of 4 cute and adorable pets, which appear so harmless and that there can’t be any way they are able to cause harm. However, this isn’t true! These four furries which are a rabbit, cat, dog, and even a bear team up together to show everyone what they are really made of. Each of these characters, in addition to being playable, has their own specially designed ship to fly through the different levels while defeating the evil group known as the Dark Tide.

It’s absolutely an entertaining, gaming experience that can be played with a total of 4 players. However, playing it as a single-player game is fine too! All you need to know is, either way, it’s played, it’s still the same, without any worries that you’ll be challenging each other; going head to head. Instead, it is just a bit more about working together as a real team, Team B.ARK, and helping each other win the levels with ease. As with many more players the easier it may become. Nevertheless, for each player, all 4 of these characters are available and ready to be selected to take on the mission to stop the evil Dark Tide, an evil armada of fish creatures.

Additionally, this game includes so many levels filled with dangerous obstacles to avoid, enemies coming from all different areas, and bosses, plenty and plenty of them on a single level. All of these things are worthy of blasting and shooting at, till they are all defeated. Plus, you never know what might be found behind these objects that stick out and are easy to detect. When it comes down to what you get when you play this game, well it’s engaging, entertaining, the music is excellent, and it’s full of color. You’ll be exhausting your two fingers, as it will have you playing nonstop!

Severeal Diverse Character Options

The game itself is quite amazing! Now, I must tell you about the different character choices. As with any game, one character is great, but multiple choices are so much better! Thankfully that is what this endless shooting game brings you! A cute cartoon-style story with four adorably cute and animated creatures. Each with a name and a uniquely powerful ability, making it worthwhile to try each of them out!

The four pets; animated creatures go by the names of Barker the dog, Felicity the cat, Marv the white rabbit, and Lucio the brown bear. At first, they all appear like household pets, until you add the bear into the group, which may be hard to see as a pet, but who knows anything is possible! Either way, they all have some wonderful abilities that I found to be astonishing and made me realize I do have a favorite, not just by the animal or their personality, but what they can do!

The first character I’ve tried from the members of Team B.ARK, and it wasn’t Barker the dog. I first tried Marv the cute, white rabbit first. This rabbit’s ability to shoot and have an additional aim, that automatically aims towards the enemy at any location the ship is placed, is what really had me adoring the rabbit a bit more. He may come off a bit scared and possibly not as fierce as the bear or others would be, but for a small bunny rabbit, he can knock out a bunch more of the enemies in no time!

The next one I’ve tried was Felicity the cat, which looks frisky, and one cat who isn’t scared to show her claws! She actually had a fast-paced shooting capability. Yet, I didn’t notice too much of a difference from the others, but I did notice that she shoots straight ahead. Not much of a unique ability, but it does supply plenty of damage on many in just one single stream ahead. So she does provide a nice range of coverage with her special ability and normal shooting power.

Barker the dog, the third to be played, and even though it would feel as if he would be the first and with the most spectacular ability, I didn’t feel this way! Not to say that the dog isn’t great at defeating enemies, but the dog might have just an average or not as compelling ability as the others. Don’t get me wrong, Barker can really kick butt, but with the ability of a little fishy guy who shoots along with him, it doesn’t feel like you get so much more damage done than the rest can cause. It’s providing less range to defeat enemies, but it still is quite useful!

Lastly, Lucio the bear. A more of a protective team member against attacks. Not your strongest ally, but one that will prevent damage and in return, is a bit stronger in away. Being that you are able to protect yourself longer, causing less damage to you as the player and more chances to defeat the enemy, even the bosses. It may just give you an extra chance to last longer and fight the enemies without losing so easily.

There you have it! Four different characters, with unique abilities. Honestly, it can be hard to decide who to like best! Yet for me, there are two I treasure the most. First is the bunny, but after playing the bear, I might consider the bear, Lucio as my top choice, and the second character I’d choose to play. Still, a bit of a mix of feelings, because I like both of them. Even if I just rather try them all over and over again, as it’s fun to mix it up and see how I can make them all work in a way to be awesome players no matter what they lack or feel they don’t perform great at.

Nonstop Action and Adventure!

There is so much action that you really have no time to stop triggering at least one of the action buttons even just to control the ship. This goes for each of the characters chosen. They all are nicely safe inside a ship, which has plenty of the basic abilities, from dodging, shooting, and even an easy to control movement from either left, right, up, down, and even diagonals.

There is one thing about this game that I find quite alluring. I know it’s all about hitting as many enemies as possible, there is no limit or a minimum to worry about. However, if you do have a little patience and do not keep your finger on the trigger button, you can also allow for a super blast just by not shooting and waiting a few seconds. It can wipe clean a few enemies in a line or two if hit in the right area.

The game is fully loaded with obstacles so it just gets more enjoyable when you aren’t stopping and always awaiting the next enemy wave or dangerous obstacle to come your way. I actually believe that is what makes this game unbelievably awesome! The nonstop action and challenges await. If it just was too simple or didn’t include a variety of obstacles, coming from every which way, it wouldn’t be anything more than something that would cause one to get bored or be done with it in a few hours.

Lastly, I’d like to say that this game just continues to bring challenging battles and plenty of reasons to shoot! If it is nonstop action you desire, this is a game that brings just that, even though it is cute pets that are doing all of the hero work. I honestly love to think that this game could make you believe your own pet or any animal of the wild could be a hero. It’s quite entertaining, really nothing negative I could find about the game, just how much fun it is to use one’s shooting power and figure out patterns to avoid attacks and defeat enemies.


+ Multiplayer Team-Up
+ Works Perfectly for Handheld NS lite Consoles
+ Cute Characters to Choose from with Diffrent Abilities
+ Endless Shooting Action
+ Colorful, Humorous, Nonstop Entertainment

- The Inability to Change Control Mapping
- Normal Single Player Game can Still be a Tad Difficult

(Reviewed on Nintendo Switch Lite)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.
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+ Multiplayer Team-Up <br> + Works Perfectly for Handheld NS lite Consoles<br> + Cute Characters to Choose from with Diffrent Abilities<br> + Endless Shooting Action<br> + Colorful, Humorous, Nonstop Entertainment<br><br> - The Inability to Change Control Mapping<br> - Normal Single Player Game can Still be a Tad Difficult<br><br> (Reviewed on Nintendo Switch Lite)Review: B.ARK