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Review: Armello


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Armello is a game like no other, but it does require plenty of understanding before one can master it! It’s a one-of-a-kind game that has the appeal of a board game played on a digital platform, for me this is the Xbox One. Plus with the charming action-adventure design, it can be quite hypnotic and enticing! However, this game takes a bit of time devoted to learning it completely, as well as some time for the brain to plan the next move on the board as it is a strategy game.

Sometimes, a little difficulty and some confusion in a game can be fun, since you have to figure it out like a puzzle. Otherwise, it may be a bit off-putting for those who aren’t into something that can’t be mastered in minutes. For me, trying to understand something that no one else can, until they play the game just like many board games or card games out there, can be delightful! That is probably why I find this game to have a charming attachment that has me playing constantly. Oh and don’t get me wrong, it did take a while to master, but who wouldn’t want to. If you take the combination of a journey that involves magic, mayhem, kingdoms, battles, and so much many other exciting fantasy-style gameplay, you would have a marvelous game and that is what you get here!

Well Worth The Time To Master!

The one thing that becomes super transparent when you first begin playing Armello, is that it’s not an easy game. There are many attributes that won’t become clear for a bit of time, as well as the difficulty to learn the controls to orchestrate the next move. I still sometimes get a bit confused, with the buttons mapped out on the controller. Thankfully, there are a few reminders on the screen and honestly, it begins to grow on you after playing the game often. Nevertheless, that can be part of the fun! Sometimes those mistakes can be helpful during the learning process or even give you an advantage.

I do want to also point out that the game lights up with its animated, mystical character-style design and fantastic music that plays lightly in the background. It just transports you into a realm where you are one of the mystical creatures, we’re a place of magic is possible and a legendary journey awaits. The action pack battle scenes are amazing and happen in the form of card gameplay as well as done between the two characters right afterward. So that you can view it on the beautiful environmentally designed world; gameboard. It’s got such a great visual appeal that works for those who love that RPG-style fighting and a normal strategy-style game fight that happens first, in front of you.

All the battles begin with the card game, which is really in the form of dice, but cards can be chosen. I still get confused on how to roll the dice, but after getting it down it becomes a bit easy to set up. Also, choosing cards is another part I forget I can use anytime during the game, but it’s another button I need to remember, some just require money to use. It can be a bit confusing, but like I said it’s a complex game with much to learn before it can be mastered and won in the first few times played.

I do find that having a game, like a family night or game night of any type is always fun and this is a great thing to enjoy anytime one wants. It’s absolutely a wonderful animation to view playing it as a digital-style board game. Plus, it’s even more entertaining to see the animation react on screen, which you don’t get during a tabletop game. It’s got plenty of marvelous, graphical experiences to see for oneself as the game progresses. Even the scenes of one winning, even if it isn’t me, is just as astonishing as the battle against the king and seeing if the player, either a computer or real one could become the next king or queen.

Final Words

There really is no end when you can continue to challenge others from all over. Even just the computer; AI. It’s completely a game you need to have your mindset just on too, without any other things disturbing you. As every move will require a little more planning. If you want to come out on top; become the king or queen, it’s the brain that will need to be on and taking in all of what is going on around you.

Nevertheless, this game is interesting from start to end, and all over again! If you try any of the other characters of course all playable, it is always great to see what you can accomplish or who might become a true favorite. My increased enjoyment of the game comes down to its unique mixture of graphics and gameplay. This is a great skill-building game, including excellent music, beautiful scenes, and enjoyable planning. It really is one that surpasses many of the strategy games I’ve played thus far!


+ Beautiful Character Design And The Entire Games Enviromental Graphics
+ A Perfect Digital Strategy Board Game Combo
+ Entertaining Animated Graphics
+ Music and Soud effects

- A Bit Difficult and Complex
- Controller's mapping A Little Confusing
- Not Much Time to Read the Speach On The Screen Before it Vanishes
- Tiny Font to Read on the Screen

(Reviewed on Xbox One)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.
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Review: Armello+ Beautiful Character Design And The Entire Games Enviromental Graphics<br> + A Perfect Digital Strategy Board Game Combo<br> + Entertaining Animated Graphics<br> + Music and Soud effects<br><br> - A Bit Difficult and Complex<br> - Controller's mapping A Little Confusing<br> - Not Much Time to Read the Speach On The Screen Before it Vanishes<br> - Tiny Font to Read on the Screen<br><br> (Reviewed on Xbox One)