TechGadgetsReview: GameSir T4 Mini Multi-platform Game Controller

Review: GameSir T4 Mini Multi-platform Game Controller


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Here is our review of the GameSir T4 Mini Multi-platform Game Controller.

The majority of gaming controllers have one standard size which can make it slightly more uncomfortable for those with smaller hands to grip and play on for longer periods. Thankfully GameSir has addressed this issue with its latest release, the T4 Mini. Shaped in a compact and lightweight body, the wireless controller is ideal for families and travel and has big cross-platform compatibility, enabling gamers to use on Switch, Android, iOS phones & PC. In particular, it’s a perfect fit for Switch in multiplayer gaming, providing an excellent gaming experience with its built-in 6-Axis gyro and asymmetric dual motors allowing for more motion inputs such as tilt and rotation for a more active and immersive experience. The asymmetric dual motors create different and non-monotonous vibration effects on the left and right grips, delivering vivid vibration feedback for racing, fighting and shooting games.


Platform: Switch, Android 9.0 or above, iOS 13 or above, Windows 7/10 or above
Connection: Bluetooth 5.0 (for Switch, Android, iOS); Wired (for PC)
Six-Axis Gyroscope: Yes (for Switch only)
Vibration Motors: Yes (for Switch and PC only)
Auto-sleep Mode: Yes
Wake up Switch Console Function: Yes
Auto-Combo Function: Yes
Battery: 600 mAh rechargeable Lithium battery 
Product Size (1pc): 143*83*53 mm / 5.63*3.27*2.09 in
Net Weight (1pc): 156 g / 0.34 lbs

What’s in the box?

The box contains the GameSir T4 Mini, a user manual and a Type-C Cable.

A Closer Look

Final Thoughts

The GameSur T4 Mini Controller is small – well that’s what you want in a mini controller. It feels very comfortable in your hands, even if you have smaller hands (like my trusty 5 year old assistant has).

Pairing the T4 Mini with the device to use it with was very simple – it only took a few moments.

There are turbo setups on the controller which enable you to perform certain functions, such as rapid fire without having to press the same buttons over and over again – this cuts down on hand fatigue but also wear and tear on the controller itself. These turbos are really easy to select and turn off so you shouldn’t get distracted when playing.

When I had the T4 Mini paired with my Switch, I was happy to see that the controller powered down when the Switch was powered down, and I could restart the Switch by pressing a button on the controller.

There is also various options of backlighting available on the T4 Mini to suit your preference.

The battery takes around 3 hours to charge which will give you around 10 hours of gameplay – so more than enough if you are on the go.

If you play games on the go, then the T4 Mini is the controller you want to carry around with you – it’s small, lightweight, doesn’t get in the way and works great! What are you waiting for?

The GameSir T4 Mini Multi-platform Game Controller is available now priced around £29.

You can learn more from the GameSir website.

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