GamingReview: Power Rangers Battle For The Grid

Review: Power Rangers Battle For The Grid


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Power Rangers Battle For The Grid is a fighting video game. When I was younger, Power Rangers was one of my favourite shows to watch. But back then we only had the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. But upon playing this game I have learnt that there are many new versions of them.

Power Rangers Plot

Power Rangers battles

Power Rangers Battle For The Grid focuses on all power rangers currently in existence. Lord Drakkon is trying to get all the Battle Morphers. If he meets his goal, he will be able to control the world and the battle grid. You play as both Power Rangers and Monsters. The player takes control of whichever side wins the battle according to the story.

Power Rangers Gameplay

The game is like any other beat them up. Each button corresponds to a different Maeve. Using them in combination makes more powerful attacks. Each Power Ranger has a multitude of special attacks that can be used when you have enough special bar. In some battles, you have a partner. He can switch into combat or use the special assist attack. And an even rarer occasion you have access to the Zoids.

The difficulty level is where I have issues with the game. The normal difficulty seems near on impossible to be for an eBay. The easy difficulty seems far too easy. There needs to be a difficulty between the two difficulties to make it more enjoyable. That being said if you want to play for the story and I’m not too concerned about the gameplay easy is the way to go. There is an online mate which seems to be the main focus. Yet during my time reviewing the game I was unable to match with anyone.

If you are new to beat-em-ups there is a helpful tutorial that I completely missed. It was helpful in understanding the combat system and how the specials work. Even so, some enemies are unbeatable as they spam range attacks.

The Presentation

The graphics are acceptable but nothing special. The issue developers had was that you can’t do much with Power Ranger armour. To make it look impressive as it’s very bland. The monsters do have great detail and are far more interesting to look at. Unfortunately, the Zoids are off-screen so you never get to see them.

The soundtrack brings a lot of nostalgia back for a fan of Power Rangers. It has all the theme songs that play in the background. The sound effects are taken from the TV series. Which while cheesy makes the game a great package to play for any Power Ranger fan.


Apart from the online mate. There isn’t much reason to reply. There is also difficulty levels but these can be frustrating and don’t add much to the game. Even with the complete package, there is not much content. Fingers crossed if they do a sequel to add a lot more content-wise.

Final thoughts

Power Rangers Dragon Armour

For a Power Ranger fanboy, this is a great chance to be a Power Ranger. Butts the combat is very limited and it would’ve suited an action game rather than a beta mark. The only incentive to continue on with the main story is to learn what happens. You are not awarded any upgrades or any reward for beating the enemies. It’s a deep shine but I hope they will learn from this in the next one and we can all enjoy it.

For a non-fan, this isn’t worth picking up. It is catered for those that love the series. As the combat is subpar and unfair at times. For that reason, I can’t give it a score higher than five but I’m willing to pick up the sequel should one be released.


+Great for fans of the series
-Bland gameplay
-No real reason to progress the story
Available on Xbox One (Reviewed on) · Sony PlayStation 4 · Microsoft Xbox One · Nintendo Switch · Microsoft Windows · Personal computer · Google Stadia · Stadia
Brendan Freeman
Brendan Freeman
Hi I'm Brendan. I've been playing video games almost since birth. I've recently welcomed my son and hope to share this hobby with him. I love a wide range of games and always looking for titles with interesting stories or mechanics.

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+Great for fans of the series<br> -Bland gameplay<br> -No real reason to progress the story<br> Available on Xbox One (Reviewed on) · Sony PlayStation 4 · Microsoft Xbox One · Nintendo Switch · Microsoft Windows · Personal computer · Google Stadia · StadiaReview: Power Rangers Battle For The Grid