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Review: Mad Streets


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Looking for a fighter game that adds the razzle-dazzle of some physics-based game mechanics? Well, look no further as Mad Streets is here to help.

I will admit to having a different idea of how Mad Streets would play out from a first look impression. Although it did have its flaws for me, I will say there were plenty of good things about this title.

Application to Gutsford University successful…

As mentioned, the game is physics-based, so the mechanics play out rather quirkily and, you’ll find this out for yourself. Set in a place called Gutsford University, Mad Streets displays a wide variety of characters and settings. While there isn’t a single general plot, the game contains mini-plots that tell of the various fighters and groups in Mad Streets.

Speaking of game modes, Mad Streets has five available to try out, each with its own rules and objectives for a win.

Game Modes (choose how you’d like to serve or be served a K.O)

In Mad rush, you get to know more about the fighter groups and individuals at Gutsford University. There are the Jocks, Frats, Bouncers, and Punks. Each group has its motivators for fighting. For example, the Frats fight to ensure that no one else gets to experience the luxuries of life. When you select your fighter group, you get to choose your character and follow their storyline through different fight scenarios and settings. With each battle, you all get six lives and a timer to complete that stage. Some stages don’t necessarily require fighting but utilizing various skills to achieve a task to progress further. Easier said than done when you’re still adjusting to the game’s mechanics and character control.

In Rumble mode, you get to play in (somewhat) straight-forward fights. There are 23 stages to choose from and, each has its unique feature or condition for victory besides a K.O.Within the Rumble mode, there are three categories to choose to fight – Rounds (best 2 out of 3), Last Man (each player gets 2 lives only) and Most K.Os. (In 2 minutes). In Random mode, you will enter into a match with randomly selected stages. You will also encounter random tasks while trying to actively serve a K.O to your opponent, like playing the role of a bouncer at the entrance of a pub. It really will be as random as it can get.

One Punch mode is exactly what you think it is. Activate your inner Saitama side and get to dishing out K.Os. In this one there are two modes you can play – “Small Tourny” (four fighters competing in total) and “Large Tourny” (8 fighters in total). The last mode is called Stadium. This is a Freeplay mode where you can just have fun playing in unlocked stages. Some fights are get-to-the-point and others come embellished with random tasks like clearing a bar of passed-out patrons (and no, you don’t get paid for this).

Let’s get into it (gameplay, that is)

The gameplay itself in Mad Streets is not bad. When fighting, you can target your opponent’s head or body. You can dodge, counter, block and stun. If you want, you can just grab things around and, either use them as a weapon or throw them at your enemy (I like the latter). You can take it a step further and grab your opponent and throw them too. Combo moves are performed by simply pressing adjacent buttons simultaneously. There is also a special move called the Mad Attack. As you deal damage in a fight, it fills up the meter, and once full, you can activate your Mad Attack with the press of a single button.

Sometimes you’ll notice watermelons or apples around these are edible for the characters. They all have effects on your character, and others can even be helpful if consumed often. I was in the middle of a fight and thought I picked up a slice of pizza until I accidentally threw it at my opponent only for it to explode…needless to say it was an immediate K.O.

The 3D style of Mad Streets adds to its quirky charm as well as some of the soundtracks. There are enough hours of gameplay with this title for someone to enjoy and explore. Just take the time to adjust and get used to the controls with each fight. I did go through the initial frustration of having the characters do what I wanted when I wanted them to, but eventually, I got the hang of it.

The final verdict…

I would recommend Mad Streets for those wanting a different style of fighting game while having the opportunity to experience the craziness this game has to offer.


+ Many game modes to choose from
+ Variety of characters
+ Plots within character groups
+ It definitely is crazy
+ Little to no glitching
- Load times sometimes long
- Frustrating initial learning curve of character body movement
- Wish there was more variety of soundtracks

(Reviewed on Xbox One, also available on Xbox Series X/S,coming soon to PC
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