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Review: Jetboard Joust


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Have you ever tried or possibly enjoyed a game called Joust? Well, if you happen to have tried this game, which was playable on a game console with the cartridge or CD; one of the games in the Williams Arcade’s Greatest Hits game collection, You will notice a similarity in the style of how you move about in this game, Jetboard Joust. Additionally, this game also made me think of another classic. Plus, taking into consideration of the alien and space-related theme and visual aspects of the worlds. I get a similar feeling of the game, Defender. These two I’ve played growing up and loved as it’s simple yet like this game, it’s all about shooting and saving the planet from enemies.

When I first tried this game, I already felt intrigued by the introduction. It gives such a clear visual view of how to play the game. Also, it explains how you, the hero of this game, can stop the invasion of these monstrous, alien creatures. What I did want to point out about the game, which was hard not to notice, is the beautifully pixelated scenery and character design, evil or good, were well created! Additionally, music plays an important part. It’s energetic and entertaining, keeping you pumped up and excited to blast those enemies while flying around on a jet board. Just a few levels are all it takes, and the game grows on you. Plus, you can figure out the pattern-style routine and task one must accomplish to get to the next level.

Honestly, it took me a bit of gameplay to realize how this game will keep the gamer entertained. It provides more than just a simple and easy game to play. So prepare yourself for a bit of a challenge and new treasures to be revealed!

I have a few reasons why I feel this game would keep the attention of many players, especially mine. One is the exciting choices of weapons to choose from. The second would have to be the ability to defeat these uniquely designed and challenging bosses, always better with some difficult features they possess and stunning creature appearance to beat. Third, plenty of levels to travel and play through. Lastly, there is always something keeping you going, as there is always a civilian that needs rescuing and many villains to defeat, as you will always be shooting and occupied from left to right of the screen.

While in the game, there are a few different worlds that we will be entering, 5 in total. Each has an original, scary-looking boss we must defeat. Nevertheless, before even defeating the big boss of the world, you must fight a few smaller ones and many other enemies. Your eyes will be working to keep an eye on the left or right of the screen, trying to make sure no other enemy is abducting any of the citizens and changing them into monstrous enemies as well. There is so much going on, which one can’t take some time to slow down! You need to keep on moving and blasting everyone in your way as you jet board all over to save the civilians and the planet! Remember one thing there is no time to slow down or it will be GAME OVER!

The many things that help in this game are the different weapons one may earn when playing the game. The ability to get some upgraded-style weapons to help you defeat the enemies is a pleasure and makes for some fun! I felt that this made the game quite exciting. Having the ability to blast the enemies with more than just a single shooter. I’ve found from the beginning my fave to be the Pulse Cannon. It has this unique ability to come out like a ninja star once fired and even blast into separate pieces to attack and defeat others, causing a better defeat in less time.

I know the game has many others, such as the Phase Mutator, Ion Splitter, and others! All that you need to do is continue through each level and have the reward of accessing many more new weapons that you have to choose. However, it doesn’t just stop there! You can even buy some extra goodies by defeating enemies. Plus, the many diamonds one may obtain when winning a level. It adds up and allows you to buy even more at the end of the level, before starting the next.

I occasionally find myself not buying right away. I always prefer saving my coins till I can afford something big and brilliant. However, there was one thing I’ve noticed, which is a big deal too! You will lose money instantly after each final death, or in other words game over. This is when you lose every life you have, leaving none left, you end up with the choice to pay a fee and get yourself back up or end the game. Even if your game automatically saves after completing each level, There are some issues where you won’t be able to continue if you’ve gotten far and almost finished.

Another thing to note, this game will take longer than just one hour. However, there may be some very clever gamers out there that can figure out each pattern that would keep you from the destruction of your jet board and even yourself. On the other hand, it may take us longer because there are many levels to play through. Plus, different obstacles we must shoot our way through. Each enemy as there is one at the end of each level. Let me say, the small bosses before the giant ones are still difficult.

I find myself intrigued that a few levels are more challenging as you go on verse just a simple shoot and move on the game that doesn’t have anything else to find, gain or even upgrade while playing. It definitely won’t bore or keep you feeling a lack of interest to play. It will always push you to keep going and discovering something new and defeating so many enemies with unique designs and abilities.

Finally, if it’s a game that takes action, classic and pixelated style to suit your gaming needs, this is it! It’s packed with such enjoyment and vigor that you will feel pumped to continue and play for hours. It’s a brilliant action-packed game in my opinion. Also perfect for everyone and very easy to learn what is going on and how to play. I would suggest this to be a fun action gaming fix for a fast-paced action and shooting game!


+ Pixelated Design in Characters and Scenery
+ Creative Artillery
+ Relatable to Classic Games
+ Nonstop Action
- Repetitive Gameplay
- Easily Annihilated

(Reviewed on Nintendo Switch)
Natosha M
Natosha M
If it's a game filled with action, adventure, challenges, and a great story, you best believe it; I want to play it! I'm always excited to try something classic or original when it comes to a videogame.

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+ Pixelated Design in Characters and Scenery<br> + Creative Artillery<br> + Relatable to Classic Games<br> + Nonstop Action<br> - Repetitive Gameplay<br> - Easily Annihilated<br><br> (Reviewed on Nintendo Switch)Review: Jetboard Joust