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Review: Amazing Breaker


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Block Breaker games come in different shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a simple retro title or an all-out fast-paced nightmare, they require a logical mind and a calm approach. Creating a plan and selecting the correct tool and ammo for the job is essential. Amazing Breaker demands that you understand the equipment at your disposal as you attempt to eradicate the icy landscape before you.

Developed by Dekovir and published by Big Way Games, this is a simple arcade icy block breaker. This strategy blaster requires a slow and methodical approach. You are armed with a selection of bombs and bullets that ghost, divide, and explode on impact. You must combine your munition to have a bigger impact and a well thought out plan is the difference between victory and failure.

Destroy that frozen melon.

Amazing Breaker breaks no new ground. 

The destruction of the environment with balls shot from a cannon is nothing new, and therefore Amazing Breaker breaks no new ground! Many games have used these tried and tested mechanics and Peggle from EA instantly jumps to mind. However, unlike that series, Amazing Breaker is less colourful and focuses on a more serious and retro approach.

The gameplay spans hundred of levels that comprise an array of images that require a different approach. You will prioritise certain ammo types to destroy defences that’ll weaken the sculpture. Each stationary image offers no threat, however, the difficulty lies in identifying their Achilles heel. You must destroy a certain amount of the picture to be successful! If you cannot, you’ll fail the stage and have to start again. It’s deceptively simple and you’ll become frustrated as minor errors will undermine the greatest of plans. 

Can you hit the right note?

Success is in the stars. 

Like many arcade games, success is measured on a ‘star’ scale. Achieving three stars requires perfection and is truly challenging. However, progress only needs one star, so you shouldn’t be held up on any stage for too long. This was an intelligent decision from the developers as it adds longevity while balancing out the gameplay difficulty.

Gratefully, the longevity is also increased thanks to the variety of ammo at your disposal. Each offers a tactical advantage over the other, but must be combined for maximum effect. You will fire spiked bombs that split and attach to any surface. You have bullets that ghost objects, rockets that soar through the air, and more. Linking the bombs has devastating consequences, however, this ability requires skill and a high degree of accuracy.

It was fascinating when a plan came together and watching each image being blown up never got old. Worryingly, running out of bombs is a risk in Amazing Breaker, yet, fortunately, every stage has a cache of ammo to collect. Getting your hands on this stash isn’t easy as you are afforded little time to collect it. Subsequently, you must think fast and hit it with a bomb before it disappears. 

Amazing Breaker has a no-nonsense style. 

Theoretically, the gameplay is extremely simple. After all, you are just shooting a still image with no time constraints. However, the finer points of the mechanics make it much more complex. So, fortunately, the visuals take a no-nonsense approach. A clear and crisp UI makes the action easy to follow. Furthermore, a handy arrow highlights where your bullets will go. This simple style makes the gameplay much easier to understand, yet it adds to the frustration. You’re lulled into a false sense of security and you’ll believe victory is all but guaranteed. Sadly, though, you’ll fail repeatedly!

The annoyance of constant setbacks could have made the gameplay unbearable. Luckily, the lighthearted audio reduces the cruelty and harsh qualities of the unforgiving action. You’ll enjoy high energy music combined with OTT sound effects. I loved the booming sound of the bombs exploding and the jovial sound of success at the end of each level. They were minor things, but they made the hard or oh so rewarding.


Simple controls. 

When mechanics are drip-fed, this can cause unnecessary confusion. Yet, Amazing Breaker overcomes this with a thorough tutorial. Every new element is accompanied by a slide that explains how to use them. This was fantastic, as it allowed you to try new tactics with little concern. Alongside this, the responsive controls and aforementioned aiming system make the game accessible for all players.

With three stars on offer on every stage and loads of ways to complete each encounter, there is plenty of replay value. Moreover, the vast number of levels and drip-fed mechanics will keep you playing for hours. Completionists will find it challenging to complete, as its large achievement list is frustrating to finish. 

Amazing Breaker is moreish and straightforward fun. 

Many games overcomplicate the matter, yet Amazing Breaker doesn’t. Its moreish but straightforward gameplay is a wonderful arcade experience. It doesn’t break the mould, but it offers fun and challenging levels throughout. I enjoyed it and recommend you to buy it here! Study the image, identify its weakness, and plan victory! 


Amazing Breaker is a tactical brick breaker title filled with ice sculptures. Select from an array of ammo and bombs as you attempt to destroy every image in your way.

+ A simple UI.
+ Clean and striking imagery.
+ Lighthearted audio.
+ Easy controls.
+ Lots of content.
- It can be frustrating.
- It may get repetitive.

(Reviewed on the Xbox Series X. Also available on Android, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation.)
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