GamingReview: Antonball Deluxe

Review: Antonball Deluxe


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Antonball Deluxe from developer Summitsphere is a classic arcade experience. If you remember and liked Atari’s 1976 title ‘Breakout,’ you’ll be pleased to discover this modern take on the game. Because who can’t enjoy some ball shooting arcade action from time to time.  


That famous title, Breakout, has you shooting a ball at bricks while preventing said ball from falling back past you. Antonball changes the formula to a 2D platformer, where the player is in control of a character who is used to hit a ball and prevent it from escaping. The stage is complete once all bricks are destroyed. This gameplay loop itself is simple enough, you’ll be jumping around attempting to direct a ball into the ever decreasing wall of bricks, without the ball eluding you through the gap behind you. While the stages are varied the gameplay can get repetitive. There are power ups which you can get such as a gun to shoot bricks with, which can help if you are struggling. The DLC ‘Better Than Nothing,’ adds an extra level of challenge with an invisible character, and several new stages.


Booting up the game and entering the title screen gave me the feeling of being at an arcade, being excited to try out the games. So when it comes to the theme, the developers did a good job. The art style of the game is simple and clean which makes it easy to tell the background apart from the interactable platforms and objects. After five stages you enter a new area. I started in boiler sewers, but quickly found myself having a grand time in jam jungle. The music in the background helps set the tempo and gives the game a very energetic feel to it.

It features two different game modes, as well as two multiplayer modes. The standard game mode is that classic breakout variant. It’s available in single player and multiplayer with up to four people. There is also ‘punchball,’ which involves delivering ball related justice to various creatures by throwing a ball at them then running into them to destroy them. Lastly, there is a pong style vs mode to play online. This level of variety in a game like this is nice, though it still remains lacking in content despite this. 


In a game like this, having smooth controls is critical, as you need precision in order to succeed. Sadly, the controls on PC are clunky at best. Fortunately I was able to rebind them which alleviated the issue, though navigating the menu remains awkward. This game would clearly benefit from the use of a controller. Better yet, a classic arcade stick would be perfect. It is available on Nintendo switch which is likely the better platform to try this game on. 

You might like Antonball Deluxe if you’re looking for a quick bite sized arcade experience to pick up and play for a short time. Something to do to take a quick break from work or study. If you’re looking for something to sink your teeth into and master, look elsewhere. Clunky controls and lack of content for the price hold this game back, despite the enjoyable arcade gameplay.


+ Classic Arcade Experience
+ Great Theme and Presentation
- Clunky PC Controls
- Lack of Content

(Reviewed on PC, also available on Nintendo Switch)
Conor Spring
Conor Spring
Conor is an avid gamer, with a love for all genres. Recently he has been heavily into strategy games and replaying some old RPGs like Dark Souls 3. Mainly a PC player, but has an Xbox back home in New Zealand

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Review: Antonball Deluxe+ Classic Arcade Experience <br /> + Great Theme and Presentation <br /> - Clunky PC Controls <br /> - Lack of Content <br /> <br /> (Reviewed on PC, also available on Nintendo Switch)