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Review: War Mongrels


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I never heard of War Mongrels before, but it was an awesome game to review. War Mongrels is a real-time strategy title. It is available on Sony PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and Windows PC. You play the role of Manford. A German soldier who refused to shoot innocent civilians. As punishment, he is sent to a Penal Squad. On the way, his transporter is hit with artillery. What follows is Manford escaping with another deserter hoping to get away from war.

War Mongrels’ Setting

in the beginning there were War Mongrels
Transporter Down!

War Mongrels is set in the Eastern Front during the year 1944. Near the end of World War II. This is unique as few games focus on a German deserter. Since the two main characters are both deserters. it is easier for the player to empathize with the characters.

Manford doesn’t hesitate to help a guerilla group on turning the tables against the Nazis. Like most military armies, the Nazis do not treat deserters well. But civilians are treated even worse. It’s a great eye-opener on what it was like to be a soldier in the Nazi army. Especially when they are forced to slaughter innocent civilians.

War Mongrels’ Gameplay

War Mongrels: Climbing phase

Unlike most real-time strategy games, you are not building bases and units. You have limited personnel and resources. You have an option to be either sneaky or loud. Unless you have difficulty on easy, the loud route will almost always get you killed. Yet if you have taken out most of the enemy on the level, there’s no reason you can’t finish the rest off in a gunfight.

The Party

Each character has a set of skills that can be used to make your life easier. Manford has a pocket watch that can be thrown to distract enemies. If he loses the watch, he can whistle to distract enemies. He is an expert at hand-to-hand combat, which makes his attacks quieter. He is the most useful party member in the early game since you will try to stay hidden. One character is very strong and can push large objects which can fall onto enemy soldiers. But, remember that while you’re focused on one character, the others are vulnerable. If any of your party gets spotted, every soldier on the map chases you down. Your party is useless at open warfare. Even in combat mode, they won’t be able to fend them off.

The Difficulty

A quick tip for those that have experience in other RTS games. Go into the settings and change the controls to RTS. Otherwise, you will be fighting with the controls. Remember that the left mouse button controls the actions. While the right mouse button handles selection. I was having a hard time adjusting and it would be helpful if this option had been shown during the tutorial.

It does feel unfair at times, but there are tools that are available to the player to make it easier. If you hold the left mouse button down on an area on the map, it will reveal who can see that point at that moment. This is useful when you plan to throw a distraction or move to that point. It’s easy to forget, but it saved my skin many times.

Game over for me happened often. Even so, the game reloads the previous save in an instant. Yet I did find the manual reload buggy as it didn’t load the save I chose only the most recent one. This was after the day one patch. This meant I couldn’t reload to an easier point where I had more resources. There were a few other bugs, where enemy NPCs are stuck on a loop of spotting a distraction and not moving. But this was few and far between.

War Mongrels’ Presentation

War Mongrels scary cutscene
Creepy cutscenes

The graphics of the game are beautiful. Especially when you take into account the isometric viewpoint. The GUI is easy to use and clear. It also isn’t too small that it takes up needed space on the screen while being readable. The menus are fine as they are nothing special but they get the job done.

My favorite feature of War Mongrels is the cutscenes between chapters. The style of them is beautiful to watch and adds to the plot. I preferred this to if they had done in-game cutscenes. I wish more titles did this style so that the story can be told in the best visual way.

The soundtrack is fit for purpose. When you are playing, all the information you are taking in is visual. It would have been nice if they could have used fog of war to make you rely on the sound. The music sits in the background and doesn’t distract from the action which is exactly what you want. The music changes depending on what is happening on screen. I began to hate the music when I got spotted, which makes you fear it.


Omit I had a blast with this title. I couldn’t wait to play more. It was on my mind throughout my day and wanted to watch the story unfold. Even though dying can get frustrating, I learned something new from each death. It is tough, but other similar titles like Desperados and Commandos are harder. For that reason, this title gets a solid 8 out of 10.


+Unique war setting
+Interesting Characters
-Difficult controls
-High difficulty spikes
Reviewed on Windows PC. available on Sony PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S
Brendan Freeman
Brendan Freeman
Hi I'm Brendan. I've been playing video games almost since birth. I've recently welcomed my son and hope to share this hobby with him. I love a wide range of games and always looking for titles with interesting stories or mechanics.
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Review: War Mongrels+Unique war setting <br /> +Interesting Characters<br /> -Difficult controls<br /> -High difficulty spikes<br /> Reviewed on Windows PC. available on Sony PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S