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Review: Crisis Wing


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Shoot-’em-ups should be the staple of any gamers diet. These fast-paced and menacing titles test dexterity, accuracy, reactions, patience, and more. When I was offered, Crisis Wing. I dared not to refuse! It offers the chance to experience old-school gaming with a modern polish, so what’s not to like?

Developed by Pieslice Production and Eastasiasoft Limited and published by the latter, this is a vertical shoot-’em-up game. Set across seven brutal stages, you can play solo or with another player. You control a spaceship that evolves into a high-powered killing machine. You’ll dodge projectiles, collect power-ups, and shoot everything in sight.

Can you take down this gargantuan beast?

Crisis Wing: a nod to a glorious era. 

Shoot-’em-ups are a timeless classic and Crisis Wing has captured its moreish and challenging essence perfectly. The simplicity of its concept is what captivates its audience and demands you to keep playing. As you progress through each stage, your opposition becomes tougher, larger, and more imposing. This culminates in a tough boss battle that tests your skills and reactions. The agonisingly tough gameplay will frustrate many as death is all but guaranteed. However, I loved these rage-inducing mechanics and I couldn’t put it down.

If for whatever reason, you tire of the main story, you can attempt to take on the Boss Battle or Time Attack modes. The latter is an unlimited lives challenge that pits you against an array of enemies. You have a set time to rack up a high score and see how you compare on the leaderboard. The Boss Battle, however, is an eye-wateringly challenging option. Death is inevitable and failure is guaranteed, so best of luck.

Power-ups and teamwork. 

A shoot-’em-up would be hollow if it wasn’t for the booming power-ups. Machine guns, rockets, bombs, and more assist you on your quest. Collecting these vital tools is essential to your success, and they look cool as hell. I loved it when the screen was filled with projectiles and my foes exploded into pieces. The ultra-aggressive weapons never got old, and I enjoyed annihilating everything in sight. 

I enjoyed the faithful mechanics and dated mindset incorporated within Crisis Wing. Yet, I appreciated the modern twist and two-player mode more. Playing this with a friend quickly became messy, but amongst the confusion and clouds of bullets was a thoroughly enjoyable game that kept me entertained for hours. Sharing the challenge with another player vastly reduced the difficulty, and this was another reason why I loved it. This option was more user friendly and allowed you to hone your skills.

Drop that skull bomb.

Crisis Wing is retro, so give it a CRT filter. 

Few modern games can pull off a CRT filter, but Crisis Wing did it beautifully. This optional extra transports you to the prime moment of this retro genre. It looked fantastic with its vivid colours and pixelated imagery. The fast-flowing backdrops blurred as the ships raced by. Subsequently, the messy screens appeared overcrowded, and this added to the hectic nature of the gameplay. It was a wonderfully vibrant blur that will fill you with energy as you take on each stage.

The dated aesthetics are enhanced by the loud FM soundtrack. The ear-piercing audio rattles your brain as you blast your way through the levels. The upbeat sound matches the fast-paced action and its hypnotic style will have you hooked. You’ll wince at the booming sound effects that overpower the loud music. First, it’s the roar of your engine and the scream of your weapons that captures your attraction. Lastly, it’s the crashing sounds of your fallen foes that’ll bring a wry smile to your face.

Many enemies and dozens of projectiles!

A wonderful tutorial. 

Most of Crisis Wing’s controls are self-explanatory, and I liked its straightforward style. Yet, for those who need a helping hand, the developers have kindly incorporated a thorough tutorial. So, whichever approach you take, you’ll enjoy responsive controls that are well mapped out. 

Its three game modes, solo and two-player options, and moderately difficult achievement list add to the addictive gameplay. If you love the genre, you’ll get hooked on this. Casual gamers will also enjoy its moreish ways and quick levels.

Crisis Wing is an old-school classic with a modern polish. 

Crisis Wing captures everything that makes this genre wonderful. With its old-school charm but modern polish, it’ll tick many boxes for most gamers. I enjoyed what was offered and recommend you to buy it here! Team up with a friend, collect your power-ups and blast everything you see. 


Crisis Wing is an old-school shoot-'em-up with a modern aesthetic. Seven stages stand between you and victory, so grab a friend and start shooting. Three modes, plenty of power-ups, and moreish action awaits.

+ A vivid colour palette.
+ CRT filter.
+ Excellent soundtrack.
+ Booming soundtrack.
+ Great controls.
+ Moreish.
- It may be too difficult for some.

(Reviewed on the Xbox Series X. Also available Nintendo Switch and PlayStation.)
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