Christmas 2021Review: Magna-Tiles Stardust 15-Piece Set

Review: Magna-Tiles Stardust 15-Piece Set


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Here is our review of the Magna-Tiles Stardust 15-Piece Set.

For kids who love to sparkle, the Magna-Tiles Stardust 15-Piece Set is the perfect magnetic building toy. Made by Valtech, this eye-catching set follows the original Magna-Tiles formula – but with a glitzy twist!

Vibrant, translucent tiles are full of suspended glitter, while others are brilliant mirrors that catch the light. The extra shine is a great way to keep kids engaged as they create, have fun, and develop foundational skills in STEM areas and beyond.

Magna-Tiles Stardust tiles are guaranteed to spark hours of engaging, unstructured play. The sky is the limit with what kids can build – a rocket, castle, stage, or anything else they can imagine. Plus, they’ll work on developing dexterity and independence.

Part of what makes Magna-Tiles so great is its kid-friendly design. Tiles are three inches in dimension, making them easy for little hands to stack and connect. They’re also completely non-toxic and safe for all children age three and up.

Each three-inch piece is made from food-grade ABS (BPA-free) plastic that doesn’t contain toxic phthalates or latex.

The ceramic magnets are securely sonic welded into the plastic, eliminating all sharp edges and ensuring that magnetic building tiles stay safe to use over years of exciting play.

The set includes 4 Mirrored Squares, 7 Glitter Squares and 4 Equilateral Triangles.

Final Thoughts

The Magna-Tiles Stardust set can be used straight out of the box, other than removing a thin film from the 4 mirrored pieces which is there to protect the mirrors in transit.

My trusty 5 year old assistant started building shapes before I had even removed all the pieces from the box. He loved how easy it was for the pieces to just “click” together and he was making different shapes and patterns over and over again. Pulling them apart and making something else was very easy and he didn’t need any assistance from me!

The mirrored pieces really add to the set – my trust assistant actually made a dance floor for some of his PAW Patrol toys to have a pup pup boogie session on!

This set is fully compatible with other Magna-Tile sets and I think once you buy one you are likely to buy more as you child will want to carry on building, and the 15 pieces that come in this set are soon used – my trust assistant wanted to build something even bigger but we didn’t have the pieces so he improvised!

The Magna-Tiles Stardust 15-Piece Set (18915) is available now priced around £19.99 and is aimed at children ages 3 and up and would make an excellent stocking filler at Christmas.

You can learn more about the different sets from the Magna-Tiles website.

Disclaimer: The Magna-Tiles Stardust 15-Piece Set was sent to us for the purposes of an honest review. All opinions are the opinions of our reviewer.

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