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Review: Love Yourself


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Love Yourself is a premium food delivery service, freshly prepared by a Michelin trained chef and delivered to your door. We give the service a go!

This is how Love Yourself describe themselves:

We believe that everyone deserves to eat delicious and healthy meals, but we know that sometimes our busy lives get in the way. 

  • We cook fresh each day with fresh ingredients.
  • No additives, preservatives or processed foods
  • We have numerous calorie options.
  • A real gourmet Chef and Nutritionist have prepared your meals
  • Every meal is scannable via MyFitnessPal app to help you keep track of calories and macro-nutrients 

At Love Yourself we do all the work for you by creating tasty menus using locally sourced, fresh ingredients, which are prepared with you and your dietary requirements in mind.

Trying it Out for Ourselves

We had the opportunity of trying two complete days of meals of ourselves, so we went for the Performance option (mainly because I am really picky when it comes to food and that one had the best menu options at the time of looking).

Once we had selected the plan (and the 2 days worth) it was just a case of waiting. Each days worth of meals – there are 5 each day – are delivered the previous day between 5.30pm and 10pm Sunday to Thursday. Outside of those days you would get multiple days delivered at the same time, depending on your selected plan.

I received a text message telling me my order was on the way including a rough time and then as promised it was delivered.

The food comes very well packaged, although you will ideally want to be at home when they deliver as the food packages themselves are delivered in a bag, there isn’t any cold packs like other food delivery services, although theses are cooked fresh and ready to use. This shouldn’t be a problem unless its a really hot day and they are standing outside for several hours.

Each meal package has the meal number on, the description of the meal, cooking instructions (where applicable) and all the nutritional information you could need, including the ability to scan the meal directly into the MyFitness App.

Final Thoughts

There is a very good selection of meal types available and you can see them all either on the website or on the Love Yourself app. Once you have selected your plan you also get an email with the weeks menu on. This is really useful if you don’t like one of the days, you can contact Love Yourself and change to a different plan. I was originally going to try the Keto plan but when I received the menu for the next week I decided to go for a different plan. Again this is purely down to me being really picky (I’m more of a burger and fries guy than a heathly balanced meal guy!)

As mentioned earlier in the review, the food is delivered daily in the evening and I knew when it would be delivered to. On one of the days I wasn’t in when the delivery came and they left it in a safe place and sent me a picture, which I thought was really good!

The quality of the food was excellent – as were the portion sizes – and following the instructions to cook the food was very easy.

If you want to have freshly prepared high quality food delivered to you daily at a reasonable price then you really should take a look at Love Yourself, there are so many options to choose from there is bound to be something for everyone (even I found something!)

At the time of writing they were offering some discounts on 4 and 8 week plans too!

You can learn more from the Love Yourself website.

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Andrew Edney
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