Christmas 2021Review: PAW Patrol: The Movie Ultimate City Tower

Review: PAW Patrol: The Movie Ultimate City Tower


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With the PAW Patrol: The Movie just out in cinemas, SpinMaster have released a new range of toys, and we review the new Ultimate City Tower.

This 3-foot-tall playset – the tallest PAW Patrol tower yet – brings the pups’ Adventure City headquarters from the big screen to life. It’s jam-packed with amazing features to discover, including a transforming light-up rescue ramp, command center, vehicle lift, pup elevator, lights and sounds and so much more! With Chase’s cruiser, a clip-on backpack, and all six PAW Patrol figures included, you can get straight to the fun right out of the box. 

A Closer Look

The box containing all the pieces of the Ultimate City Tower is big – very big! It is also very well packaged.

The instructions and the stickers for the car and the tower are also included, along with some extra stickers that can be used for whatever you want, which we thought was a nice touch.

The top of the Tower even has the holographic city map used in the film.

There are lots of separate pieces that will need to be fitted together.

The instructions are very detailed and each piece actually has the number corresponding to the piece on the instructions stamped somewhere on the piece out of the way, which really helped when putting it together.

As well as the Tower, there is also Chase with a special pup pack. This one launches three projectiles and can be easily fitted or removed, and it can also be used to hang Chase off the side fo the Tower.

Chase’s Police Cruiser also comes in the box. The cruiser is ready to go but needs it’s stickers to be stuck on.

You also get Marshall, Rocky, Rubble, Zuma and Skye to play with – but no Liberty (who is now my assistants favourite pup).

Then it’s a case of following the instructions and fitting all the pieces together to start building the Tower. My assistant was able to build it himself with very little help from me and all the pieces felt secure when clicked into place.

Obviously during the build process we had to stop in order to test certain functions – obviously!

One of the main features of the Tower is a large ramp that opens up from the front of the Tower (and closes up when you have finished playing with it). This is controlled by a red handle on the rear of the Tower. According to my assistant it was fairly easy to operate and got easier the more times he used it – plus it actually got easier once the build was completed as the whole Tower was more secure when all the pieces were in place.

There’s a lift at the rear of the Tower in order to allow Chase’s Cruise to be lifted up ready to use the ramp. The other pup’s vehicles, which are sold separately, can also be used as well.

The top of the Tower has space for each pup, once you have fitted the stickers. The top turns in order to reveal a picture of the pup along with lights and sounds associated with that pup. There is also a slide so the pups can do down.

When finished being built, the Tower stands 3 feet high, which is huge!

Final Thoughts

With the help of my trusty (almost) 5 year old assistant, we easily removed everything from the packaging, although this took a while as there are a lot of pieces (as you can see from the pictures above).

At the time of the unboxing he had already seen the movie twice (and I was to see it later that day with him).

Unboxing and building the Tower took around two hours – although it could probably be done quicker than that, but we were having so much fun that two hours just flew by. My assistant only needed a little help building it – there were a few tricky pieces to fit together towards the end – so he really enjoyed the challenge and the anticipation of playing with the Tower and the pups. And all throughout the build he tested each step to make sure he was happy – in the case of the ramp this meant opening and closing many, many times!

There are two separate battery compartments that require AAA batteries (5 in total), which are not included. It’s very easy to fit them and the battery compartment is in an easy to access place that doesn’t require anything being dismantled. My assistant has been playing with the Tower for many many hours now and the batteries are still going strong. The first is on the ramp itself, and there is a button that can be pressed to play various sounds and parts of the ramp lights up. Also when a vehicle goes down the ramp the lights and sounds happen which is really cool. The second battery compartment is for the top of the Tower which includes lights and sounds for each pup – it also lights up the main PAW Patrol symbol on the front of the Tower.

The Tower is very secure and sturdy, even with the ramp extended, especially considering its 3 feet tall! There are lots of different features on the Tower, including the ramp, lift, slides, the all new Pup Treat Dispenser, places for the pups and so much more. Chase even clips onto the pup elevator so he can go straight up to the top of the Tower. There’s even space at the bottom of the Tower in the garage to park and fix vehicles.

The quality and attention to detail on the Tower is great and I would say it’s the best PAW Patrol toy so far – well according to my assistant anyway! But I have to agree with him, each new toy that comes out is better than the last and he is looking forward to seeing what comes next.

After a week since the Tower was originally built, a day hasn’t gone by where my assistant hasn’t played with the Tower and the pups, and he keeps finding fun new ways to play and recreate some of his favourite scenes from the film. This is definitely a huge hit with him and I suspect that will be the same with others too!

If you are a fan of PAW Patrol then you are going to want this new Tower, it is the biggest PAW Patrol toy that SpinMaster has released so far and it has a lot of things to do. The inclusion of all pups and one vehicle really added to the excitement, although my assistant was disappointed his new favourite pup Liberty wasn’t included, but then you can’t have everything.

The PAW Patrol: The Movie Ultimate City Tower is available now priced around £160 and is aimed at children ages 3 and up, and is a must have for your child’s PAW Patrol collection.

You can learn more about the different toys from the SpinMaster website.

Disclosure: This product was provided free of charge in exchange for a fair and unbiased review.

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