Christmas 2021Review: PAW Patrol: The Movie Chase's Transforming City Cruiser

Review: PAW Patrol: The Movie Chase’s Transforming City Cruiser


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With the PAW Patrol: The Movie just out in cinemas, SpinMaster have released a new range of toys, and we review Chase’s Transforming City Cruiser.

This 2-in-1 police cruiser and motorcycle brings the action and excitement of PAW Patrol: The Movie to life. It features authentic movie details and graphics, a projectile launcher, flashing lights and realistic sounds! When Adventure City is in trouble, place Chase behind the wheel of his cruiser and race to the rescue! 

A Closer Look

The Cruiser and extras come very well packaged, but easy enough to open for even a small person.

A well as Chase’s Cruiser, you also get Chase!

Along with three yellow discs that can be fired from the vehicles built in launcher.

As well as the cruiser, there is also a motorcycle that sits inside the cruiser and launches when needed.

Final Thoughts

With the help of my trusty (almost) 5 year old assistant, we easily removed everything from the packaging. Within seconds my assistant was already pressing buttons and telling me what they do and how they fit into the movie. At the time of the unboxing he had already seen the movie twice (and I was to see it later that day with him).

There is a yellow button on the rear of the cruiser that when pressed plays different sounds and music, along with making the police lights flash, which makes playing that little but more authentic.

Pressing the blue button expands the front of the vehicle and activates armour mode, although in the movie Chase calls it shield mode. As well as placing the shield over Chase, it also reveals the projectile launcher which holds the three yellow discs that can be fired to help clear debris from Chase’s path. The discs themselves are very easy to load and fire, although the first few times the button was a little stiff for my trusty assistant.

Pressing the red button opens up the shielding to reveal Chase’s motorcycle, with another press of the red button launching Chase and his motorcycle out from the cruiser. The motorcycle can actually travel quite a distance!

You can then slide Chase’s motorcycle back into his cruiser and close everything up ready for when he is needed again to save the day.

The cruiser is very well built, has a lot of detail, and feels very sturdy, even with my trusty assistant really going to town with all the buttons and really putting the cruiser and motorcycle through its paces – after all, in the film there is debris flying everywhere so he needed to make it real (according to him)!

The Cruiser needs 3 x LR44 batteries which are included already so you are good to go! When the batteries do eventually need changing it will be a very simple and quick job to change them.

If you are a fan of PAW Patrol then you are going to want this new vehicle, with the lights, music and sounds, along with two different vehicles, and let’s not forget Chase himself, this will bring you, sorry, your child, hours of fun.

The PAW Patrol: The Movie Chase’s Transforming City Cruiser is available now priced around £50 and is aimed at children ages 3 and up, and is a must have for your child’s PAW Patrol collection.

Disclaimer: The PAW Patrol: The Movie Chase’s Transforming City Cruiser was sent to us for the purposes of an honest review. All opinions are the opinions of our reviewer.

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  1. We have the issue that the cover won’t close properly over the launcher. It stays about 1cm up flapping around.
    Any thoughts how to fix that?

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