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Review: Super Soccer Blast: America vs Europe


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Football or soccer for our American friends has long been considered “The Beautiful Game”. Followed by millions of people the world over, it never surprises me when I see new football games being released. Euro 2020 is around the corner and fans are champing at the bit to see the action kickoff. Everyone takes the game so seriously so it is refreshing when an arcade title is released that is a lighthearted affair. Super Soccer Blast: America vs Europe is all about quick matches and plenty of fun.

Developed and published by Unfinished Pixel, this is a colourful cartoon football experience. This one focuses on fun and scoring goals forgetting all the complexities that you find in the genre-leading titles. With no licence to fall back on, the developers have followed Pro Evo Soccer’s approach and made up the names of each player. This leads to some glorious and hilarious creations that serious fans will lap up.

What a glorious stadium.

Super Soccer Blast: America vs Europe has strong foundations.

Super Soccer Blast: America vs Europe isn’t Unfinished Pixel’s first attempt at a football game. In 2020 they released Super Soccer Blast which was well received by its audience. Using the main mechanics from this, their latest title has strong foundations to work from. With single-player gameplay and couch co-op options, this harks back to 80s and 90s gaming and I loved it because of that.

You won’t find in-depth career modes, Ultimate Team, or Pro Clubs. Instead, you’ll spend your time taking on the small number of preset tournaments or customising your own competitions. This is a no-thrills title that simply wants you to play as many matches as possible.

Worldy goals and a disregard of the rules.

The second you jump into a match you realise that there is little respect for the rules. Offside, forget that! VAR, who needs it? Yellow or red cards for fouls? Nah, leave them in the changing room. It’s insane! The action is quick and reminiscent of an under 10s game where no one knows what they are doing and everyone is chasing the ball.

On top of this, worldy goals are all but guaranteed. Shoot from forty yards out and watch as it hit the back of the net. There are no requirements to score sweaty cutbacks and a scoreline in double digits happens nearly every game. It’s mindless sporting fun where knowledge and skills can be shelved from the moment you switch it on.

Pick the right team for you.

A modern game with relevant ideas.

Equality is not an ugly word and I’m all for developers creating an inclusive environment for people to game in. Unfinished Pixels embraced the growing female following and player base by allowing gamers to create female avatars and mixed-sex teams. This was a brilliant move as it reflects the influence that women are having on the gaming industry and the sporting world.

Though, creating a male or female character had little impact on how the matches play out. Neither were more skilled than the other, and there were no signs of different attributes. Even so, this was definitely a step in the right direction.

Colourful cartoon players and vivid stadiums.

If it isn’t the bizarre disregard of the rules that hits you first, it’ll be the eye-watering vivid colours. The striking tones and cartoon imagery are fantastic to look at. What is also great is the caricatures of each major player. Super Soccer Blast: America vs Europe may not have a licence for naming rights, but it has artistic licence to make you chuckle.

The audio is an energetic affair with realistic sound effects and marvellous stadium noises. The whole sound file has been lifted from Super Soccer Blast, so you’ll know exactly what to expect. I have to say, I was hoping for new material so this was a little disappointing. But I guess if it isn’t broken don’t fix it.

Can you hold your nerve?

Tackle, run, score!

This is all you must keep in your mind while playing. The few buttons you use are well laid out and learning the fundamentals takes seconds. Becoming a football master is easily achieved, and this is a joy to play. Yet, sadly, there is one massive game-breaking bug! Occasionally you’ll lose the ability to control, pass, or shoot the ball. No one can tackle you and the only way to resolve the issue is to run it out of play. It didn’t happen often, but when it occurred it ruined the affected match.

Sports games have ample replay value and this one is no different. The short matches hold your attention and each competition contain enough rounds to sink your teeth into. There is a small achievement list that won’t take long to finish, though it is glitched at the time of writing this review. Once the issue is resolved, this will be an achievement hunters dream, and it’ll take around four hours to complete.

Super Soccer Blast: America vs Europe is such fun to play.

If you are going to give this a go, you’ll have great fun. Goals galore, plenty of fouls, and quick action is all found in this not so serious football title. Excellent to play both alone and with a friend, this is a game that’ll keep you entertained for hours. A brilliant addition to the series and I recommend you buy it here! Pick your favourite team, score some beautiful goals, and win everything.


Super Soccer Blast: America vs Europe is a fantastic lighthearted arcade sports title. Pick a team, select a tournament, and score worldy goals. This is all about the fun, so forget what you know about "The Beautiful Game" and enjoy the action.

+ Vivid colours and a great cartoon style.
+ Atmospheric audio.
+ Inclusive game mechanics.
+ It doesn't take itself seriously.
+ Lots of replay value.
- The achievement list is glitched.
- One game-breaking bug.

(Reviewed on Xbox Series X. Also available on PC, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation.
Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
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Super Soccer Blast: America vs Europe is a fantastic lighthearted arcade sports title. Pick a team, select a tournament, and score worldy goals. This is all about the fun, so forget what you know about "The Beautiful Game" and enjoy the action.<br/> <br/> + Vivid colours and a great cartoon style.<br/> + Atmospheric audio.<br/> + Inclusive game mechanics.<br/> + It doesn't take itself seriously.<br/> + Lots of replay value.<br/> - The achievement list is glitched.<br/> - One game-breaking bug.<br/> <br/> (Reviewed on Xbox Series X. Also available on PC, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation.<br/>Review: Super Soccer Blast: America vs Europe