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Review: ParcSlope for MacBook and iPad


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Here is our two minute review of the ParcSlope for MacBook and iPad from Twelve South.

ParcSlope is a dual purpose stand that elevates MacBook screens and angles iPads for more comfort and productivity. With ParcSlope, MacBook users enjoy better ergonomics and increased airflow for a cooler, quieter MacBook. iPad users will love the feel of the 18-degree sketching/typing angle ParcSlope creates. Precision curves, special ridges and built-in cable management make this sleek metal stand a must-have for MacBook and iPad users.    

  • Raises MacBook screen to a more comfortable viewing height
  • Angles iPad for desktop sketching and creative work
  • Increases airflow and cooling around MacBooks
  • Built-in cable management for grab-n-go use

What’s in the box?

The box contains the ParcSlope and some instructions.

A Closer Look

Final Thoughts

Anyone who uses a MacBook or an iPad to do work on, or anything else really, will at some point find it uncomfortable to use, maybe because to the angle of the keyboard, or the environment you are using the devices in.

This is where the ParcSlope comes in. It’s a stand designed to fit either a MacBook or iPad on with a really great angle for keyboard use (its 18 degrees for those of you wanting specifics) and position of the screen for viewing.

The ParcSlope is a one-piece metal stand that is very lightweight and is easy to carry around.

The MacBook fits perfectly on the stand and is held in place, and its very comfortable to use, even for long periods of typing.

The ParcSlope for MacBook and iPad from Twelve South retails for around £50 and is an important addition to your desk set up.

You can learn more from the Twelve South website.

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