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Review: Just Die Already


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No matter the generation you belong to, you’ll have an opinion on the other age groups. There is a massive cultural divide and this creates rifts and misunderstandings to form. Just Die Already from the creators of Goat Simulator explores this issue and focuses on the gaps between the boomers and the millennials.

Developed by Double Moose Games and published by Curve Digital, this is an old person mayhem sandbox game. You must take on the role of an elderly person who has broken free of their retirement prison and is now looking to fulfil their bucket list. Like Goat Simulator, it’s mindless fun that is filled with; comedic moments, stupidity, and violence.

Running around like a headless chicken.

Just Die Already is silly, absurd, and kinda pointless in a good way.

With no story to focus on and mindless tasks to undertake, Just Die Already feels pointless. Not in a bad way, it’s just you are given little guidance in order to progress. You wander around a large open-world map with the freedom to do as you wish. You can; play sports, drive vehicles, explore buildings, taunt or attack people, and more. With no real aim, the fun and shenanigans keep you playing.

Your bucket list shows your quests, whether it’s; losing limbs, jumping from buildings, eating food, electrocuting yourself or others, there is always something whacky to do. As you venture around the map, further areas unlock that increase the quests found within the bucket list.

I enjoyed that exploration was rewarded with more crazy tasks and this gave a rather shallow game a sense of depth. “What is the point of the tasks?” You may think! Completing the missions rewards you with items and vouchers. The items vary from; swords, axes, guns, and clothing. They are used to create havoc and maim the millennials. The tickets buy what a boomer desires most….. a free retirement.

Flying boomers.

Boomers vs millennials, a rivalry for the ages.

The millennials are a selfish bunch! They refuse to work instead they spend their time playing video games. No one is earning money and the pension pot is drying up. The retirement funds have run out, leaving the boomers to fend for themselves. This simply won’t do and the boomers must fight back while retiring for free. It’s tough, silly, and a little absurd, but this is a rivalry for the ages.

Like Goat Simulator, the protagonists have a looseness and fluidity to their movement. This lack of rigidity made playing the opening stages very frustrating but also amusing. With free rein in your virtual life, you are left to your own devices. This caused you to make repeated mistakes. You’d lose limbs, be beaten up and get into all sorts of trouble. Even when you get to grips with the mechanics you quickly realise that silliness and absurdity is the name of the game.

Just Die Already has a nice cartoon style.

If you love large cartoon worlds that contain many vivid colours and characters to interact with, then you’ll adore Just Die Already. Its crisp lines and unusual character models are great to look at, as are the variety of zones hidden within one city. You’ll discover; Zen gardens, a temple, a sports area, and more. It was brilliant how the developers crammed so much stuff into one open-world map.

The madness was enhanced with a blend of songs and styles. Each zone has its own sound that was perhaps a little clichéd. But the audio worked wonders and represented the crazy theme. Random sound effects emphasised the strangeness of this title. The humans made odd sounds, and each object was accompanied by an OTT noise. It was absolute madness, but I enjoyed every moment.

A boomer with a sword, what could go wrong?

Boomers would never be easy to control.

With jelly-like bodies and slow and painful movement to endure, controlling the boomers would never be easy. With both hands working independently and losing limbs a real possibility, no task was ever straightforward. It takes a bit of getting used to and along the way you’ll feel frustrated. But once you are familiar with it, it’ll make you smile more than you will scream.

Perhaps the goal of free retirement is the focus of this game. Yet, even with that in mind, I could only stomach this casually. I played for one to two hours, and my attention began drifting. Those short bites of action were great but any more and I lost interest.

These small chunks worried me its longevity and desirability simply weren’t there! So, when I read about a PVP upgrade, I was intrigued. Four boomers fighting to the death will add mountains of replay value and was a clever move from Double Moose Games.

Just Die Already is the sandbox game you never knew you wanted!

Just Die Already is ridiculously silly, and it doesn’t take itself seriously. With a large open world to explore, whacky tasks to complete and millennials to avoid, this is a casual title that’ll make you chuckle. I enjoyed it in short bursts and recommend you buy it here! With no retirement fund, you must fend for yourself! Become a boomer and argue and fight with anyone that disagrees with you. 


Just Die Already is a funny, mindless, and crazy old person mayhem sandbox game. Choose your boomer, complete your bucket list, and aim to get enough tickets to buy yourself hassle-free retirement.

+ Nice cartoon style.
+ A good variety of music.
+ Fun to play in short bursts.
+ A large open-world.
- The controls took time to get used to.
- Long sessions became tiresome.

(Reviewed on the Xbox Series X. Also available on PC, Nintendo Switch and Playstation.)
Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
My gaming career started on an Amiga and spans many consoles! Currently, I game using an MSI laptop and Xbox Series X. A fan of every genre, I love to give anything a go. Former editor and reviewer for, I'm loving my new home here at Movies Games and Tech. I can be contacted for gaming reviews on the following email:

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Just Die Already is a funny, mindless, and crazy old person mayhem sandbox game. Choose your boomer, complete your bucket list, and aim to get enough tickets to buy yourself hassle-free retirement.<br/> <br/> + Nice cartoon style.<br/> + A good variety of music.<br/> + Fun to play in short bursts.<br/> + A large open-world.<br/> - The controls took time to get used to.<br/> - Long sessions became tiresome.<br/> <br/> (Reviewed on the Xbox Series X. Also available on PC, Nintendo Switch and Playstation.)<br/>Review: Just Die Already