GamingReview: Fantasy Friends

Review: Fantasy Friends


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Fantasy Friends is a magical virtual pet game for young children; available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC.


Fantasy Friends is your typical virtual pet game that felt like a cheap version of Nintendogs or Talking Tom Cat minus the talking and the fun features. Players have to feed, wash, and play with their furry friends. There are 12 different animals you can collect as well as different skins and accessories. Players can also decorate their forest, though there isn’t really anything else to do in the forest.

The controls are simple and easy enough for very young children. With that being said, I believe the controls would have worked better with touch controls as the player mainly uses the Left Stick to pet, wash, feed, and play with their pet. This game also features mini-games such as throwing a ball or mixing food in a cauldron. However, the mini-games are very dull and not very interactive.

A magical fairy named Aurea guides the player throughout the game. The only problem is Aurea speaks in Animalese like the animals in the Animal Crossing series. It’s very cute, but if this game is aimed at young children, the dialogue should be simplified, or Aurea should have an actual voice to help young children. Also, the font isn’t very kid-friendly either. I would expect the font to be larger and more appealing, like something from the LeapFrog games. 

I think what’s attractive about this game is the bright colors and cute characters. Since it’s eye-catching, it’s something that a little tyke would love to pick up. The only problem is there isn’t enough content in the game to keep them entertained for long, especially not for the price. This feels like a game you’d buy from the App Store for .99 cents, not $30.


  • Bright, colorful, and visually attractive.
  • The simple controls are well suited for young children.


  • Steep price for the lack of content.
  • Dialogue doesn’t feel geared towards young children.


If this game were $4.99 or less, I would recommend it as something cute for the little ones, but for $30, it’s not worth it at all. I recommend that parents check out some gameplay online with their children to see if they’re interested before purchasing it. Or wait until it’s more than 75% off.

Entertainment: 3/10

Replay value: 2/10

Graphics: 7/10

Sound: 6/10

Kid Friendly: Yes

Platform:Nintendo Switch
Released:November 20, 2020


+ Fun bright graphics
+ Easy controls
- Complicated dialogue for children
- Not enough content for the price

(Reviewed on Nintendo Switch, also available on PS4, and PC)
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Review: Fantasy Friends+ Fun bright graphics <br /> + Easy controls <br /> - Complicated dialogue for children <br /> - Not enough content for the price <br /> <br /> (Reviewed on Nintendo Switch, also available on PS4, and PC)