GamingReview: Warshmallows

Review: Warshmallows


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Warshmallows seemed really easy to me when I first took a peek at the controls and menus. There didn’t seem to be too much going on. Jump around, shoot at marshmallows and trap them in bubbles. Simple. 

But I don’t think I gave it enough credit. Its simplicity in the tutorial belies depth when put in the scenarios it was always meant for. When you play free for all and 2v2, it’s nothing short of a great time. It’s fast, fun and full of colour. Even when you’re constantly taking L’s, losing round after round, it stays fun. It never reaches into the realm of frustration.

You win some, you lose some

Honestly, It’s been a while since I was this bad at competing against real people. The last time I remember losing this bad and this often was in Modern Warfare 2. However, I was more than thankful that this time around I wasn’t shouting at an innocent screen while getting destroyed by some random from who knows where. Now I found myself grinning at both my mistakes and victories. I cheered my competitors on when I was out for the count; and I laughed when I won a round I really shouldn’t have. Those are the feelings and moments that just make for a good time online. Now that’s not to say these are the only kinds of emotions one can or should feel when playing something online. But it makes it all the more accessible for casual players.

When in-game, things move fast. You’ve got other combatants to watch out for, keeping track of ammo and where you might get more. There’s a serious intensity in realising you’re out of ammo and the only sources are being guarded by the enemy. Zipping around, slapping everyone in your way and making it just in time to get bubbled yourself is maddening, but heaps of fun. Even when you get taken down, you can act on your saltiness and roll around as a new form nuisance to your competitors.

Enemies aren’t the only danger

On top of this there is also a timer on every map that results in even more obstacles for everyone on the map. A couple dozen birds flying overhead, dropping eggs, or a massive elephant rolling around on a boulder sweeping the map mercilessly. It’s downright zany and I couldn’t get enough of it, especially when I was already taken out. The sweet vindication of seeing the one who bested me taken out by a downpour of eggs is unmatched. 

Each character also has a superpower which may be their saving grace like the blue’s army helmet, which they retreat into like a tortoise. This leaves them temporarily invulnerable if a little slow, while still being able to shoot. Or like Green’s ability to release a monolithic tower of vegetation ahead of themself causing shots to ricochet off it. 

Maximum fun, minimal content

Unfortunately Warshmallows isn’t bursting with content. It’s still early days, so we can expect more down the road. Right now though, you’ve got a choice of 6 maps, 4 base game characters and 3 weapons. Fortunately things do open up as you progress. More characters and more ammo types become available. That may sound a tad bare bones, but to be fair, there is still a lot of fun to be had with what is there.

I really enjoyed my time with this title. From the colourful, well-detailed map, the earworm of a theme song, reminiscent of 80’s action movie guitar riffs, to the badass cast of characters. Whether you play online with randoms, friends, or take advantage of the couch party option, you cannot go wrong. If you simply want to have a good time, even for a quick session, Warshmallows has you covered

At the end of the day. This game is a lot of fun. It’s fast, wild and full of colour. You’d be hard pressed to find a moment of boredom while you’ve got this one running.


+ Fast and fun
+ Looks great
+ Perfect for short sessions
- Not much content

(Reviewed on PC, also available on Switch)
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