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Review: Fireworks Display Simulator


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Have you ever thought about your birthday, wedding reception, even funeral’s entertainment. I know I have. My personal dream is to have fireworks at my wake. Why have people bawling their eyes out (hopefully) over my passing? Let’s give them something to gawk at. Let’s give them lights, colours, loud noises and music as the ultimate send off. 

Fireworks… Need I Say More?

I think most people can agree that fireworks are pretty great. The sheer spectacle is something that arrests your attention with extreme prejudice. Fireworks want every sense you can spare, and in the right hands they can do just that. 

But unfortunately for all the joy and excitement a good fireworks display can bring. they are not perfect. They scare our pets, and they bring with them a considerable amount of noise pollution. On top of all that they’ll never be as magnificent as the fireworks from the Lord of the Rings.

But there are ways to enjoy a fireworks display without giving your dog tinnitus or bothering sleeping babies in any nearby homes. Which are truly unforgivable acts. Enter the Fireworks Display Simulator. One of the best ways to enjoy controlled explosions indoors. Sorry though, there’s still no way to top Gandalf’s collection, but it sure does try.

Explosives Without the Risk

Fireworks Display Simulator greets you with an introductory display of what’s possible. A great show of timing and choice in fireworks that really caught my interest. I’ll admit I was more than a bit intimidated by what I saw. I had no idea how I would even get close to creating a display that wasn’t just random explosions in front of a static backdrop.

Fireworks Display Simulator takes a hold of your hand and guides you through the basics of what the possibilities are in a way that is easy to grasp. It did a pretty great job of bridging the gap between what they showed you before and what you are able to do as a novice. You get a feel for the easy to use and simple UI (User Interface). Or at least relatively simple compared to something like Adobe Audition, which to be fair is professional software. It has to be said though, accessibility aside, the UI does not look particularly pretty. I can only hope for a more appealing design, or at the very least a dark mode one day.

Sky’s the Limit

The tutorial provides you with the foundation of setting up a decent display, but there are still a lot more possibilities under the surface. It does teach you enough without bombarding you with information and mechanics which could muddy the waters terribly. However, I do think something in the way of an advanced tutorial would be more than welcome. Although, with some experimentation in the sim and browsing the support section of their website I discovered a couple of interesting things. 

For one you have the ability to import 3d models for the backdrops of your displays; cars, buildings, etc. This adds some variety to the unfortunately few options you’ve got  by default. Hopefully we see more models get added to the base game in the future though. It is still in early access, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing more content added over time.

The most exciting prospect however, has to be the Firework editor. This is the playground in which you build your ideal firework. Comets, mines, shells, whatever you want. You have the ability to create some spectacular stuff if you take the time to get familiar with it. This is something I’d have loved to see a tutorial on in-game. The manual is easily accessible online sure, but something that helped you along step-by-step would be a great inclusion.

More Fun Than You Might Think

Clearly there’s a lot at your disposal to create a really spectacular display, considering it’s on a PC and not outside. You’ve also got ways of inserting camera pans and sweeps to add some dynamic movement to the display or line up that perfect view. Although at this point you must be wondering about music. Well don’t worry, you have full authority over the soundtrack to your event. It’s easy to add any audio file you like. Hell even add an audiobook chapter to your display, and insert some culture to the occasion. Just as long as it’s in the right format.

Fireworks Display Simulator was a lot more fun than I’d initially expected I’ll admit. It turned out to be a fairly enjoyable sim. It does a great job at what it intended to do and it’s something you can inadvertently lose a lot more time in than you bargained for. Which is not a bad thing at all. There is a plethora of fireworks at your disposal, some good mechanics for dynamism and flair, and an Interface that’s pretty welcoming to newcomers; if not a bit plain looking. If you’re into simulators, fireworks, or both it could be a good time. 

Now please, enjoy a little amateur display I spent a little too much time on, below.


+ Great line-up of fireworks at your disposal
+ Advanced features
+ User-friendly
- Plain looking interface
- Too few base game scenery choices

(Reviewed on PC)
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