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Review: Metamorphosis


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Metamorphosis is, to be frank, an oddly intriguing but creepy game. Now I want to start by saying if you don’t like bugs or insects with many appendages. This game is NOT for you. Trust me; it’s not. The game starts you off as a human and quickly turns you into a bug. Searching for answers as to why you’ve turned into a creature of some peoples nightmares. Something for someone whos not phased by bugs made me feel incredibly uncomfortable. You not only look like a bug but feel like one too. From the scattering sound effects of your spindly bug legs hitting the Oakwood floor of your apartment. To the visual and voice-over work that puts you right in the bug-like perspective. The game successfully makes you feel like a bug, to the game’s credit and the developers.

This game won’t bug you

Metamorphosis combines the bug-like feel with easy to pick up and surprisingly innovative game mechanics. One mechanic includes you using sticky substances such as ink to climb otherwise untraversable surfaces. Such as the edge of a bookcase. The game shines in this regard. The game makes you feel and play like a bug, through great mechanics and even excellent easy to pick up controls. As a result, the game does not fail to make the player feel like a minuscule insect.

Your insect kingdom

Metamorphosis also stands out in terms of puzzle mechanics. Offering a considerable challenge, having the player figure out various puzzles to traverse through most of the game. The game provides hints of these and makes them enjoyable and progresses the story in a well-paced way. Furthermore, combined with a creepy but engaging soundtrack, all of this makes the game even more engaging.

A game bee-yond comprehension

Now, all of this comes with a large dose of creepiness. Honestly, I would be lying if I said the game wasn’t incredibly creepy. It is bizarre and plays on your psychology, but this is not a bad thing. It only adds to what the developers want us the players to feel. Nevertheless, Metamorphosis does have flaws. Although the graphics look good, the animation of characters and NPC’s is poor. The animation, especially during dialogue sequences, lets the game down. Dialogue is also an issue, with rather odd dialogue between characters that adds very little to the game. Coming across as unnecessary and honestly dull. Although seemingly a minor issue, it did limit my enjoyment of the game. Nevertheless, Metamorphosis is still a good game, but the flaws do standout.


In the end, Metamorphosis is a good game despite issues with NPC animation and dialogue. Although intentionally creepy and psychologically thrilling, which some may be off-put by especially if they despise insects of any kind. Metamorphosis offers excellent gameplay, controls, graphics and music that makes you feel like a bug. For good or bad, depending on your perspective. Nevertheless, the game objectively achieves what it sets out to do with fantastic gameplay, musical and graphical elements. For this, it deserves credit.


+Great gameplay and puzzle mechanics
+Easy to pick up controls
+Creepy but engaging music
+Good graphics
-Poor character animation
-Bad dialogue

(Reviewed on Xbox Series S, also available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC and other Xbox One consoles)
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