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Review: Zepp E Smartwatch


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It’s time to review the Zepp E Smartwatch.

Launched in August 2020, Zepp E series is a line of fashionable smart watches with “borderless arc” design, which aims at simplicity, efficiency and convenience. Namely Zepp E Circle and Zepp E Square, the watches are equipped with AMOLED HD color screens, the Zepp E series supports 11 sports modes and is water resistant to 5ATM. It can perform AI analysis on multidimensional human physiological indicators such as heart rate, blood-oxygen saturation and sleep. Additionally, Zepp E can use algorithms to convert users’ health data into numeric values to help assess their health status intuitively.

The Zepp app is essential for the management of a user’s physical health. This app can provide comprehensive, 24/7 management of user well-being, helping users check their physical condition anytime and anywhere. Main functions include health-data display and interpretation, exercise-data display, and smart device management:

  • Health-data display: Physical data such as the step count, sleep, heart rate, calories burned, blood-oxygen level, and 24/7 professional interpretation.
  • Exercise data analysis: Supports post-exercise log data display, with which the user can see a detailed trajectory and analysis of various exercise indicators.
  • Smart device management: Provides Zepp smart device management settings, including notification management, dial changes and widget sorting.

What’s in the box?

The box contains the Zepp E Smartwartch, charging cable, spare strap and manual.

A Closer Look

Final Thoughts

There are two versions of the Zepp E Smartwatch – a circle version (which is the one we are reviewing) and a square version. Personally I prefer the look of the circle version.

The watch itself is a 42mm stainless steel watch that is 9mm thick and has a removable strap. Whilst the watch itself looks very stylish, the strap isn’t that great at all, it looks and feels quite flimsy and isn’t that comfortable to wear for extended periods. You can always replace the strap though if you wanted to. The watch can also be submerged in water up to 50m.

The screen itself on the watch is gorgeous – it’s very high quality and sharp and really is lovely to look at. Unless you are looking at it at night! There is no night mode available on the watch so it can be very bright if you look at it in the dark. Maybe an update in the future might be able to address this?

The watch pairs with your smartphone via an app. The pairing process is very simple and we didn’t have any issues. One thing you will notice though is that there are a lot less functions than on other similar devices, so make sure the function you need is available before you buy.

There is no built-in GPS function on the watch which is a little strange for a device of this price range, you need to use your smartphone to provide that function. For some this won’t be a problem but for others it might prove to be a pain!

The health features on the phone work great and are very accurate – the heart monitor was a feature I kept using throughout the testing.

Zepp say that you can get about a week’s battery life out of the smartwatch but we found that using it for normal functions along with a few of the features meant we had it closer to 5 days. We could probably stretch that out if we tweaked the settings and usage a little, but to be fair 5 days is really good! A full charge takes around 2 hours to complete.

There are other devices on the market for the same price or less that offer more features, that’s not to say this one should be overlooked, but it really does depend on what you need in your smartwatch.

The Zepp E Smartwatch is available now priced around £209.

You can learn more from the Zepp website.

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