GamingApex Legends Season 3 Kicks off Today, October 1st!

Apex Legends Season 3 Kicks off Today, October 1st!


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Apex Legends Season 3 – Meltdown is arriving today,  October 1st,  and will be introducing a ton of new content including the new Legend, Crypto, the new deadly Charge Rifle, a new Battle Pass and completely new map with “World’s Edge.” This all-new arena adds even more dynamic action to every competition from its towering skyscrapers “frozen” by a chemical explosion, to a train that moves across the hostile landscape, to deadly pits of molten lava and hot air-geysers that launch players through the sky.

The update will also introduce a brand new Legend, Crypto, revealed as part of the Stories from the Outland video series:

Hack the system in our latest Stories from the Outlands. A strange hidden file. A deadly mistake. And a new Legend who is entering the fight, but looking to stay out of the spotlight. Cool, calm, and collected, Crypto has plenty of secrets to keep, and more to uncover.

Apex Legends can be played for free now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Origin for PC.

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Sean McCarthy
Sean McCarthy
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