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The Flash: The Complete Fifth Season on Blu-ray and DVD today


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The legendary speedster is bolting back onto our screens with the launch of The Flash: The Complete Fifth Season on Blu-ray and DVD today! In order to prepare you for the inevitable binge watching before Season Six, we’ve created a lighting fast catchup of where Season Four left us in its finale ‘We Are The Flash’ .

Team Flash battles the Thinker, a villain with a mighty intellect granted after surviving a traumatic particle accelerator explosion. The Thinker, originally, Clifford DeVoe, wants to fix the slow dumbing down of humanity due to our reliance on technology, and creates a team of metahumans to achieve his goals. The ‘Enlightenment’ as DeVoe calls it, begins with stealing the power of Central City to power his brain zapping array.

In order to beat this strange new foe, Barry must enter his mind as his brain is the only one fast enough to survive the ordeal. Chasing DeVoe through his own mind, Barry must use the power of emotions and love to best the cold, calculating DeVoe.

Barry barely managed to win against this superhuman force, and has to use all his powers to save the city from DeVoe’s falling satellites, dropped from orbit as last backup plan to ensure victory. Barry almost doesn’t save the day, but is helped by a mysterious speedster ally, who is revealed to be Barry’s future daughter, Nora.

With this shocking revelation and Nora’s motivating presence, Barry and Iris decided to finally get married. But with the knowledge of the future and the anxieties of starting a family, the situation starts to have a serious effect on their relationship. Knowing Nora is an inevitability and now required to save the city from DeVoe’s onslaught, they feel like the choice is no longer theirs, and the pressure mounts. Nora feels the burden as well, thinking she has made a terrible mistake and may actually have destroyed her own future with her intervention.

And it’s not just them, both Joe and Cecile have just had a child themselves. Despite being successful parents, they feel that starting all over again so late in life may be the biggest challenge they have ever faced. Well, other than facing all those super villains of course.

And what about about Killer Frost? During a fight with the thinker, it is revealed that Caitlin’s abilities are not actually being taken from frost, but are actually kept deep within her. She learns that her powers were awakened during an accident in her youth, and not the all too common particle accelerator explosion as she had thought. Now flooded with questions about her past, she wonders if maybe, just maybe, she may know more about her father’s death than she first thought.

And now you’re ready for Season 5, with all its future daughters, newborns and Killer Frost revelations. Timeline problems aside, our characters end on a happy, if somewhat existential point, preparing us for a season of Superhero parenthood and questions of what the future of the Arrowverse really looks like. You can catch up with The Flash: The Complete Season 5 on DVD and Blu-ray which is available now.

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