With Christmas just 4 months away, we will be taking a closer look at some toys you might want to consider – here we look at the HEXBUG Scorpion.

Unsettle those around you with the scurrying Scorpion’s bouncing tail and free-swinging front claws. This mechanical bug rebounds off of walls and darts around the room in five unique colors.

Watch out for the motorized creepy crawly Scorpion! Scare your friends as it scuttles around the room, exploring every area it can get to. With the claws helping it ricochet off of walls and objects, and the realistic bouncing action of the tail, you’ll think it’s actually alive!

The Scorpion requires 3x LR-44 batteries, which are included in the box.

The Scorpion comes in a variety of different colours and will provide hours of fun, or scares!

The HEXBUG Scorpion is available now priced £10.99 and is aimed at ages 8 and above.

You can learn more from the HEXBUG website.