Well this is certainly very interesting. Just as the PS Plus titles for July have gone LIVE, the PlayStation Blog has an article to explain why PES 2019 which was originally announced for PS Plus in July has been replaced with Detroit: Become Human Deluxe Edition at the last minute:

From the PlayStation Blog:

Update: We are making a swap to the PS Plus games lineup for July. This month, we are adding Detroit: Become Human Digital Deluxe Edition*, which also includes Heavy Rain (Beyond Two Souls**), to the July games lineup instead of Pro Evolution Soccer 2019. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Detroit: Become Human quickly became one of my top PS4 titles when it launched, an absolute masterpiece in immersive and emotional story telling where player choice truly matters in the narrative as AI servants slowly begin to become self aware and struggle to not only find their place in the world, but also their right to be free.

Horizon Chase Turbo continues to complete the PS4 line up for PS Plus but wow, what a last minute change and though it is not fully explained why the change has taken place, for me this is the strongest PS Plus entry in recent months.

You can our review of Detroit: Become Human here:

An active PS Plus subscription is required to get these games and they will be available from July 2nd to August 5th.