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My Arcade Put’s Nostalgia in Your Pocket with Pixel Player Handheld Gaming System


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My Arcade, the go-to source for all things retro gaming, announced the European shipping of the Pixel Player Handheld Gaming System.

Available across Europe for the first time, the Pixel Player packs an incredible 300 8-bit style games into its diminutive frame, offering an exhausting choice of nostalgia-driven challenges to gamers of all ages. Ideal for those yearning for the classic days of gaming, the Pixel Player is endlessly comfortable to play with landscape orientation for the screen and an ergonomic grip ensuring you don’t drop your game in the heat of the action. Astonishingly, for those preferring the portrait design of old, My Arcade has you covered, with the very same product available in an alternative design available under the name Pixel Classic.

Pre-loaded with eight Data East titles, including BURGER TIME, KARATE CHAMP and BAD DUDES, the Pixel Player brings the classics back to life wherever you are!

Ideal for gaming on the go, the Pixel Player features volume control and a 3.5mm headphone jack to connect headphones and is powered by batteries or any micro-USB cable.

“My Arcade is dedicated to bringing the joys of arcade and retro gaming to today’s gamers, and the Pixel Player has been developed to replicate the 8-bit thrills of gaming’s greatest era,” commented Amir Navid, Creative Director for My Arcade. “Classic titles like BURGER TIME and KARATE CHAMP are fan-favourites and we’re delighted to bring them to existing and new players alike alongside a great roster of titles they’ll fall in love with too.”

The Pixel Player from My Arcade is available in store and online from Amazon and other leading game retailers.

Chris Hare
Chris Hare
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