Dutch-American start-up Primephonic has today rolled out the most exciting update to its app and desktop versions since the inception of the classical music streaming service. Users will now be able to download personalised and pre-made playlists for easy and convenient offline listening.

The software update will allow users to enjoy the 1.5 million plus classical music tracks listed on Primephonic both during the morning commute or walking in the countryside, Mozart and Handel are no longer limited by a poor data or WiFi connection.

Primephonic is unique in that it is built for the classical music genre by classical music obsessives. The smart search is built from the ground up to finally solve classical music’s search problem. Find the exact work, composer or album you’re looking for in seconds, and browse the results with ease. Other generic streaming services, that predominately cater to pop music, just aren’t designed to cope with the additional metadata needed to organise parameters such as composer, name of the work, opus number, key, orchestra, conductor, soloist and choir. A team of classical music experts have been manually inputting this data to ensure the optimum user and search experience for subscribers.

A 14-day free trial can be activated on www.primephonic.com or a full subscription activated from £7.99 a month or from £79.99 a year.