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Review of the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro (Global Version)


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Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro which was launched recently in here in the UK in November for the global version of the Mi 8 Pro, priced at £499.99 available from and Argos.


So the old premium design language of Aluminium build and glass on the back and front is back with the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro. The design looks quite good on the phone, and here we have the best in class work of colours which Xiaomi will surely be proud of.

What comes in the box for the Mi 8 Pro you get the Mi 8 Pro, sim tool, a clear case and user guide and the USB Type C headphone adaptor as the phone don’t come with a headphone jack and also the type C usb cable.

With Dual tone finish on phones is still a long way to see in most of them, and hence dual tone finished phones are still very rare.

Talking about the placements of different things on the phone, we have the front sensors which include the IR projector, IR Camera, Front camera, and other sensors onto the phone inside the notch which is quite wide in order to accommodate all the above along with the earpiece. The Face unlock on the Mi 8 Pro is not available at the moment waiting for the Over the Air coming very soon, shame it wasn’t available for the review.

Surrounding the same is the big display while at the bottom there is a noticeable bezel. At the back, we have a vertically placed camera unit and that does help the phone a long distance.

Build quality of the phone is great and there is no issue with the device when it comes to the feel of the phone it is at par with other devices in the market which deserves the flagship tag. The phone feels premium and at the same time solidly built which makes it certified to be used daily with a normal protection case.


We have a 6.23 inched display onto the device which is actually an AMOLED unit. This unit is capable of producing some really great images with its 16 million colours which are available to be produced. Due to the help of AMOLED display phone have a great screen to body ratio of over 80% and even the screen is protected by Corning’s Gorilla Glass 5 and even comes with HDR10, DCI – P3, and MIUI 10 technology for the display. Even with the build in fingerprint sensor into the display, it’s still very quick to unlock with this technology.

Keeping all these in mind the display unit is quite vivid and at the same time, contrast levels are really great all due to the AMOLED display. Blacks on the screen are pure black and hence when you are using the phone out in the bright sunlight the phone is easily legible while during the night-time too if you are using a night mode you will have the best in the class experience of using the phone during the night.


Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro comes with the best in class Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 chipset which is based upon 10 nm platform making the device one of the most power efficient ones. With 8GB RAM option while for the storage side, there is only a single option of 128 GB.

Coming to the real world performance of the phone it performs really well and you have the joy of using the best in class hardware at a relatively low pricing. Day to day chores are taken care by the phone with ease and there is no issue whether the phone can handle any app or not, because most of the apps are like a gameplay for it, and the top of the line games are like daily chores for the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro.


Star of the show is the camera of the phone which is one of the best parts of Xiaomi Mi Devices, coming to the setup on the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro we have it as a dual 12MP sensor where the primary one is having aperture value of f/1.8 while the other one happens to have f/2.4.

The primary sensor also comes with a bigger pixel size and 4–axis OIS making the phone a great shooter even in low light. The secondary camera on the phone is equipped with 2x optical zoom lens making it great for taking portrait pictures.

In the real world, the camera is quite good and the images turn out to be great with a good amount of saturation, contrast, and even a good amount of vividness in the pictures.

When it comes to the front camera it is a 20MP unit making it a great shooter for selfies, most of the selfie lovers are going to love it for the sharpness and quality in the pictures taken with the front camera. None of the users is going to be left behind when all their friends are going to be there in the selfie of over with 10 people.

Camera Samples

Taken on a speeding train


The Mi 8 Pro comes with a 3000 mAh battery, due to the Snapdragon 845 chipset as it is constructed over 10 nm platform which makes it really efficient and hence there are no issues when the phone has to be on standby as it will be taking less of the battery.

Charging the phone is no issue as it comes with Type-C fast charger and hence you are surely goanna is charged all times to go and take pictures or game whenever your friends want you to play. Another great thing about the phone is the that the standby time of the phone when it is not connected to the internet is over 48 hours hence the phone can be kept as a secondary device due its battery life and capacity, although this is normal for most of the flagships phone. Still, if you are someone who likes to talk to their friend the whole day long then Xiaomi’s Mi 8 Pro is the best choice.


Dimensions: 154.9 x 74.8 x 7.6 mm
Weight: 177 g
Screen: 6.21-inch, 18.7:9, 402 ppi (1,080 x 2,248)
CPU: Snapdragon 845
Storage: 128GB
Battery: 3,000mAh
Cameras: 12MP+12MP rear / 20MP  front
OS: Android 8.1 Oreo


The clear star of the show the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro will take the credits of being the best, when it comes to the camera, build quality, and performance the phone surely wins ahead. Even if the back of the Mi 8 Pro has fake chipset etc it’s still cool to see.

Shame no wireless charging or any waterproofing for the device.

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