Tech Gadgets Protect the Home with Hive View Outdoor Camera

Protect the Home with Hive View Outdoor Camera


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Centrica Hive today launched its smart external camera, Hive View Outdoor, taking its security proposition outside the home. Designed to keep people informed of activity around their property, the visually striking camera is equipped with new technology, a simple, flexible installation process and must-have security features to deliver greater peace of mind and protection.

Available immediately to buy through Hive and Amazon, customers can now purchase professional installation, as well as take advantage of a broader range of Hive Video Playback Membership subscriptions to access recordings for 30 days.

Hive View Outdoor is weatherproof, element-proof and equipped with automatic night vision, and is mains powered to work 24/7, detecting sound, motion or people, and sending notifications once recording starts.

A live HD feed gives immediate viewing, with content captured and securely stored for later viewing. Two-way audio allows people to speak directly through the camera, whereas smart notifications provide thumbnail images of the person detected to help customers quickly check who’s there.

Revealed in October for pre-order, Hive View Outdoor has been in high demand by new and existing customers, exceeding its early sales expectations.

Tom Guy, Global Product Director, Centrica Hive commented: “We are thrilled by the level of interest shown in Hive View Outdoor. It makes all the work our team has carried out over the last few years immensely satisfying and further strengthens the importance of listening to our customers. We are inspired by their insight and are continuously encouraged to create technology and services that meet their needs, giving a real positive impact on day to day lives.”When the Hive View Outdoor is connected to other Hive devices, extra layers of smart security can be created using Hive Actions. Linking Hive Lights to the Hive View Outdoor will make it look like someone’s home, while connected to a Hive View means customers can rest easy knowing their whole home is looked after, inside and out.

Captured video is securely stored remotely and can be viewed and downloaded for free for 24 hours. Once downloaded it can be kept forever. Hive Video Playback Membership extends access to content for 30 days, giving optional extra reassurance, even when away for an extended period.

Hive View Outdoor is Hive’s third collaboration with renowned designer and fuse project founder Yves Béhar, and shares the same elegant design philosophy as seen in other Hive devices. Simple to set up, it works within minutes of installation and is managed through the intuitive Hive app. Once on the wall, the magnetic mount allows it to be easily manoeuvred to offer the best possible view with its wide 130° lens and safely secured through an anti-theft mechanism.

A robust roadmap is in place to enhance the camera, providing customers with richer features. Adjustable Activity Zones will allow customers to choose areas to monitor, while Automated Sounds, such as a dog’s bark, will help deter unwanted attention. These are expected to arrive early 2019. Pricing and availability, Hive View Outdoor is available to purchase from  Hive and Amazonat £179 or £339 for two.

Customers can also opt for Hive Video Playback membership from £3.99 per month.

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