GamingShadow connects players with Hive, announces a partnership with...

Shadow connects players with Hive, announces a partnership with Trackmania² Stadium


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Shadow is moving up a gear. Just three years old and having transformed the computer as we know it, the French start-up is innovating again with an important community development for users. So far Shadow has accrued 50,000 members in seven different countries (France, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg) who remain at the heart of the cloud computing experience and play, think and create together.

Shadow has developed Hive, a community-designed platform that allows players to share their gaming experiences in real-time, allowing friends to join in each other’s games, live chat, track another’s progress or offer advice based on one’s gaming position in real-time.

Hive will be integrated into every Shadow and will include a chat feature, a sneak peek function to admire a friend’s experience in real-time, and, to top it all off, an Extreme mode, in which spectators can change the conditions of a game to challenge themselves, including mosaic, control inversion, and intoxication effects. Additional features will launch in the coming months, thanks to feedback from Shadow users.

Emmanuel Freund, co-founder and CEO of Shadow, says: “We’re moving at a fast pace to continuously improve Shadow. We have succeeded in showing that it is possible to replace a traditional computer with something better and cheaper, and our users remain our ambassadors for this impressive achievement. But Shadow is much more than a computer; it’s about enabling all players to join forces, play together and create their own rules. From the beginning, we wanted to reinvent the video game and give back power to the players, and that’s exactly what we’re doing with Hive.”

As Shadow strengthens players’ games and surrounds them with the best, the French start-up is also announcing a partnership with Ubisoft’s Nadeo studio around the cult game, Trackmania² Stadium. Skill, twisted paths, creativity, and sharing: it’s hard to find a better ambassador for Hive features than the inevitable Trackmania² Stadium! The game will thus be offered to all Shadow users.

Florent Castelnérac, Ubisoft Nadeo’s General Manager, said: “In addition to combining the advantages of streaming and PC gaming, Shadow will create several opportunities for gaming and players in the future.”

Chris Hare
Chris Hare
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