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Oaxis brings Timepiece, a minimalist analogue watch with heart rate monitor to Kickstarter


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Oaxis, a consumer technology company with 29 iF product design awards, has announced that Timepiece, a smart waterproof analogue dress watch with heart rate monitor is now live on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

The Timepiece is an elegant analogue watch with a difference. Not only does it look the part, available in four different colour and strap combinations, it also features impressive technology for the everyday person on the go. As well as having Swiss made Ronda movements, a stainless steel case and double domed glass, the Timepiece also notifies the wearer about incoming calls and texts, analyses sleep quality and counts steps as well as featuring a heart rate monitor. The device is also water, dust, dirt and sand proof and features a quick release strap.

As Timepiece is powered by an ultra-low energy module designed by Oaxis, the battery powers the smartwatch 24 hours a day for over 30 days, from a single charge. The Timepiece will only need to be charged twelve times throughout an entire year! Charging is easy too. Simply put the Timepiece on the dock and it will automatically be guided into place and start charging no matter how it is placed. Oaxis have been in the industry for over a decade, gaining expert experience and know-how in designing ultra-low battery consumption devices. This experience has gone into the design of the ultra-low energy module on the Timepiece to optimise its battery usage.

The Oaxis Timepiece is designed to look fashionable on the wrist in a board meeting while also being highly functional whilst exercising. Oaxis will also be providing a free silicone strap, forged from high compression production methods guaranteeing extreme durability for all sports to Kickstarter backers. The strap is fitted with a quick release valve so it is simple to change over as required.

The Oaxis Timepiece is available in four designs from just $123/£95/€110 on the Early Bird Kickstarter offer. Backers will also receive a free silicon strap.

Delivery is expected in March 2019

• Heart Rate Monitor
• Step counter
• Sleep analysis
• Calls & Text notifications
• Swiss-made Ronda movements
• Power-saving Bluetooth module from Nordic
• 1 Month/30 days battery life
• Easy charging mechanism guided by the contour of the dock
• Water, dust, dirt and sand proof
• Stainless steel case
• Double domed anti-glare glass with LCD Screen
• Quick-release strap

Chris Hare
Chris Hare
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