Revolutionise the way you drink with this fantastic new colour changing water bottle, set to become an iconic must have in its own right.

Using thermochromic ink which reacts to cold temperatures the Chameleon allows you to see the fill level, so you’ll know exactly how full your bottle is without having to open it. As the cold water activates the colour, empty sections of warmer air return to white colour. So you’ll also know just how cold your water is as the colour intensity gradually lightens as bottle gets warmer.

The Chameleon is made from stainless steel and has a special coating that reacts to cold temperatures. See exactly how much is in your bottle at any time.

Refilling the bottle is so fun that it motivates both adults and children to change their habits and drink more water, using less plastic.

Each Chameleon comes with a free sun jacket, made from tear resistant silicone which protects from bumps and scratches and harmful UV rays. The jacket is removable so you can use it when you need. The purpose is to prolong your bottles life and keep you away from consuming single-use plastics.

The kickstarter is running now – check it out.