With Christmas less than two months away, we take a look a the NEOGEO mini.

Known for incredible graphics and peerless arcade thrills, NEOGEO is the premier name in arcade entertainment, and NEOGEO Mini includes no less than 40 timeless classics providing endless entertainment.

uch more than a mere plug-and-play classic console, the NEOGEO Mini comes in the form of a table-top arcade, powered via USB and complete with 3.5inch display, arcade-style control stick, stereo speakers and a full complement of action buttons, allowing gamers to relive dozens of classic games with no need for a monitor or display! When playing at home or with friends, the HDMI output allows for simple connection to the TV, while gamers can even plug in up to two NEOGEO Mini PAD controllers (Sold Separately) and relive classic two-player action in HD from the comfort of their own living room!

The Games

The full list of classic games built into the system include:


Metal Slug, Metal Slug 2, Metal Slug 3, Metal Slug X, Metal Slug 4, Metal Slug 5, King of the Monsters, King of the Monsters 2, Sengoku 3, Magician Lord, Blue’s Journey, Shock Troopers, Shock Troopers 2nd Squad, Robo Army, Crossed Swords, Mutation Nation, 3 Count Bout


King of Fighters 95, King of Fighters 97, King of Fighters 98, King of Fighters 2000, King of Fighters 2002

Art of Fighting, Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout Fatal Fury, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Samurai Showdown II, Samurai Showdown IV, Samurai Showdown V Special, Last Blade 2, World Heroes Perfect, Kizuna Encounter, Ninja Masters


Top Players Golf, Super Sidekicks, Football Frenzy


Blazing Star, Last Resort, Ghost Pilots



A Closer Look

Final Thoughts

The NEOGEO Mini looks great when you take it out of the box, and that’s before you even switch it on! So whether you are playing it or just having it sitting on your desk it really does look the part.

In order to power it up you need to use the included USB cable  – there are no batteries in the Mini so whenever you want to play it you will need to be connected to some sort of power. This feels a little odd to have not included a battery option so that people can play it on the go, or at least not having to have it connected all the time.

If you want to connect the NEOGEO Mini to a television you will need to purchase a separate HDMI cable. This isn’t a normal HDMI cable, this one is mini-HDMI to HDMI. There is an official cable you can buy, or you can just look around for one.

Unfortunately the quality of the picture when connecting the Mini to a TV isn’t that great, so I think for most people they will play it on the Mini itself.

The picture quality on the Mini is great – the images are sharp and the screen is very clear. The sound is adequate, but there is a headphone socket which actually gives you better sound when using that as the speakers in the unit are a little disappointing.

The joystick and buttons on the Mini are responsive, although the joystick does take a little getting used it – but once you are used to it you will be fine.

You can actually buy a separate controller, or two, which connects into the back of the Mini which will make your gameplay experience better, and also means you can play some of the two player games!

Talking of games, there are 40 games included which should give you lots to play with and they are all faithful reproductions of the originals.

Switching between games is very simple and easy too!

Playing games on the Mini was a lot of fun and brought back a lot of nostalgic memories and if you have a gamer in your life, or you just want to relive some great memories, then you should definitely take a closer look.

The only thing that’s slightly disappointing is that if you want the full experience then you will have to buy the Mini, plus a controller or two, plus an HDMI cable and even then you will need to connect it up to a power supply whenever you want to play it, and the picture quality on the TV isn’t great. Thats really all that lets it down – other than those, it’s great.

The international version of the NEOGEO Mini is available now at accessoryoutlet.co.uk priced at £129.99, with additional NEOGEO Mini PAD controllers available for £24.99.