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Lifestyles of the Pampered Pooch


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In celebration of Show Dogs arriving on Blu-rayTM and DVD on 1st October and on Digital Download now, courtesy of Entertainment One, we dip into the lucrative world of pampering a loved one… your pooch that is. 

The UK pet food and supplies market, worth an estimated £2.7bn is booming for the UK and outside of food and supplies, what are people buying to make sure their dog is living its best life? From doggy day spas to having a home of their own, and from making sure they aren’t wearing last season’s designs to only eating locally sourced game, we take a look at some of the ways you could give your dog something extra special this autumn.


Travelling can sometimes be a hassle, especially if you have a four legged companion that you wouldn’t dare leave behind. Hotels around Britain are starting to cater to not just us but our pups as well. Hotels such as Rosewood London have opened their doors to dogs and not only offer a pristine Barbour dog bed to make sure your pet has a great night’s sleep, but also supply a range of Lily’s Kitchen treats and meals, a spa package for yourself, a one-hour grooming session for your dog and if that isn’t enough, you can also request a dog sitter to make sure your pet is never alone. 

Grooming and Pet Salon & Spas

Everyone wants to look their best and this is not just limited to humans. Pet spas have become all the rage and to make sure you pooch looks red carpet ready for any day of the year you need to give them more than a wash and cut. Establishments such as The Pet Spa will offer your best friend pedicures, facials, massages, coat colour enhancing and much more so your dog can get the same treatment as you. 

Dog Homes

Who ever said dog kennels need to be a plain wooden box? Designer Hecate Verona are now offering your dog the crème de la crème of dog kennels that will only cost you anywhere from £30,000 to £150,000. Allowing your pooch to live in a state of luxury, their home will include heating, air conditioning, indoor and outdoor lighting, TVs, sound systems and state-of-the-art intercoms. Don’t fret though, if that budget is a little out of range, you can go with Rawicz Pet Palaces which average around £14,000 and are handmade with lapis lazuli (a semiprecious stone), accented with Swarovski crystals and exotic woods.

Gourmet Dog Food 

Words such as ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ foods don’t just apply to us. People everywhere want to make sure their canine companion are eating the best of the best and with food brands such as Orijen and Taste of the Wild, you can make sure your pooch is staying on trend. But what exactly do these premium brands give your dog? From natural and organic meats including free-range chicken and turkey, wild caught fish, Yorkshire pork, Angus beef and locally hunted game meats like wild board, bison, elk and qual, some dogs get more variety than the average person.  These brands also make sure they are made with locally-sourced organic whole fruits, vegetables and botanicals to enhance the nutritional density of the food.  


Feeling bad that you are sleeping on goose down while your dog is sleeping on polyester? Well you don’t have to feel bad anymore because luxury dog furniture is alive and well.  Companies such as Haute House and Horchow allow you to choose from a variety of premium fabrics, faux furs and colours while making sure the detailing has the right gold or jewelled trimming of your choice and will only cost you a mere £1000. 

Clothing & Bling

High-end designers such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren and more understand the importance of making sure your dog looks just as good as you.  From hand knit sweaters to posh dog collars and leads, gone are the days where your dog had to walk down the streets wearing last year’s designs.  

Still think this isn’t enough to show that special someone you love them? The options are limitless in the world of pampering so take a look at some other luxurious options such as a Swarovski Crystal Diamond Dog Bath, Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier, Novel Dog Stroller, a personalised dog wedding fit for a King and Queen and much, much more. 

Want to see how they do it on the big screen? Check out Show Dogs, arriving on Blu-rayTM and DVD on 1st October and on Digital Download now, courtesy of Entertainment One.

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